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Molecular Genetics and Genomics

A section of International Journal of Molecular Sciences (ISSN 1422-0067).

Section Information

This Section of the International Journal of Molecular Sciences (IJMS) aims to rapidly publish contributions on all aspects of molecular genetics and genomes relating to all aspects of life. Topics include but are not limited to the following:

  • Gene regulation, chromatin, and epigenetics;
  • Genome integrity, repair, and replication;
  • Microbial genetics;
  • Plant genetic and genomic studies;
  • Sex differences;
  • Genes or genomes related to phenotypes and human physiopathology;
  • Cancer genetics and epigenetics;
  • Pharmacogenetics and pharmacogenomics;
  • Toxicogenomics, nutrigenomics and neurogenomics, etc.;
  • Technological and analytical developments of genomic data;
  • Functional genomics.


RNA; LncRNA; RNA editing; RNA interference; RNA modification; microRNA regulation; MicroRNA signaling; RNA transcription; RNA structure and regulation; RNA splicing and polyadenylation; DNA; DNA replication controls; DNA damage; DNA structure, damage, and repair; post-translational modifications; histone; telomere; sperm; seminal plasma; monoallelic; nucleic acid; multi-omics; embryogenetics; sex differences; cyclins; fission; meiosis; arginine; pyrimidines; mitophagy; chromatin; cell growth and differentiation; apoptosis; mitophagy; autophagy; cell cycle; gene expression, functions and therapy; mutation; nuclear organization; polymerase; nucleic acid–protein interactions; molecular clone; sequencing analysis; epigenetics; transcriptomics; infertility; heterogeneity, inheritability; melatonin; precise medicine; genetics of aging; genetic disorders, etc

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