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21–23 June 2023 Symmetry 2023—The 4th International Conference on Symmetry

Barcelona, Spain

Dear Colleagues,

We are delighted to announce that “Symmetry 2023—The 4th International Conference on Symmetry” will be back in person in 2023. The event is supported by MDPI’s open access journal Symmetry and will be held on 21–23 June 2023 in Barcelona, Spain.

As expressed by Hermann Weyl, who was responsible for important progress in the field of symmetry in math and physics: “Symmetry is a fundamental phenomenon in nature and all sciences”. Additionally, paraphrasing Frank Wilczek, “powerful symmetry principles have guided physicists in their quest for nature's fundamental laws”. Although one should add, at the same time, that many of the most interesting situations happen to occur when some fundamental symmetry principle is broken. It thus seems as if nature abhors perfect symmetry.

It is this interplay between symmetry and its breakdown, in the many different domains and situations where they appear, which we want to address in the 4th Symmetry Conference in Barcelona. Specifically, we will foster interaction between scholars working in different fields of science.

We welcome scholars, engineers, students, and non-academic colleagues to join Symmetry 2023, and we kindly ask you to save the date. We aim to make this event a forum for discussion, knowledge exchange, and fruitful interactions among stakeholders working in various symmetry-related fields: Computer Science, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Engineering Science. Both oral and poster contributions are welcome.

We are pleased to announce the availability of awards for postdocs, PhD students, and researchers conducting research in the field of symmetry and who plan to attend Symmetry 2023.

Best Oral Presentation (EUR 500)
Selected by the Scientific Committee after evaluation of all selected talks presented during the conference.

Best Poster (EUR 300)
Selected by the Scientific Committee after evaluation of all posters presented during the conference.

Both awards are sponsored by MDPI's open access journal Symmetry.

We are very enthusiastic about this 4th Symmetry Conference and are relying on you to make it a successful event.

We look forward to meeting you in Barcelona!


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Upcoming Partner Conferences (4)

7–9 June 2023 Phytofactories 2023


Phytofactories 2023, an international conference on Plant Molecular Farming, will take place on 7–9 June 2023 in Luxembourg and is organized by the Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST).

Phytofactories 2023 is centred on the exploitation of plant diversity using cell and tissue cultures and aims to cover the valorisation chain of plant resources. It will bring together experts in the production and characterization of specialized plant metabolites, as well as those applying this knowledge in dedicated pilot processes. 

The topics and focuses are:

  • Plant cell and tissue cultures for speciality molecules and their industrial applications: In this session of the conference, experts in plant bioprocesses will present their latest results. Aspects related to the optimized culture of undifferentiated plant cells (both in flasks and bioreactors), or organs (e.g., hairy roots), elicitation, scale-up and extracts' bioactivities will be covered.
  • Plant genome editing and metabolic engineering: This session will bring together experts in the field of plant metabolic engineering, e.g., for the production of specific added-value compounds.
  • Large-scale bioprocessing: This session will specifically deal with aspects related to the downstream processing (pretreatment, extraction) of plant biomass cultivated at the pilot and industrial scales.
  • Germplasm preservation technologies: This topic will focus on techniques for plant in vitro propagation and cryopreservation.

For more information about the conference, please see the following link:


11–14 June 2023 The 16th International Symposium on Applied Bioinorganic Chemistry (16-ISABC)

Ioannina, Greece

The 16th International Symposium on Applied Bioinorganic Chemistry (16-ISABC) will be held in Ioannina, Greece from 11th to 14th June 2023, at Karolos Papoulias Conference Center in the University of Ioannina.

ISABC 2023 is under the Auspice of Epirus Regions, Municipality of Ioannina, University of Ioannina, and the Association of Greek Chemists. The scientific program will include Round Tables that will be organized by the Hellenic Society of Medicinal Chemistry and Hellenic Society for Biomaterials. This is the 16th Symposium of the series, and it will cover all branches of modern applied bioinorganic chemistry. The organizers are committed to putting together an outstanding Symposium and estimating more than 400 Greek and international scientists to take part, while the international renowned speakers will exceed 75. Scientific program sessions will include the following: Metals in Medicine and Biology, Metallomics, Metalloproteins Structures, Metals Complexes’ Interaction with RNA, DNA or Proteins, Bioinorganic Biomaterials, Biomimetic and Bioinspired Bioinorganic Chemistry and Energy Conversion, Metal Toxicology and Metals in the Environment, and Biophysical, Biochemical and Spectroscopic Methods in Bioinorganic Chemistry. The 16th ISABC will be a unique opportunity for scientists from around the globe to meet and exchange knowledge, and share thoughts, opinions, and experience.

For more information about the conference, please see the following link: 


9–14 July 2023 The 2023 FASEB Science Research Conference on Lysophospholipid and Related Mediators Conference: From Bench to Clinic

Melbourne, FL, USA

This FASEB Science Research Conference (SRC) is focused on the biology of lysophospholipids, their receptors, and the methods developed to interrogate and modulate their functions for scientific insight and therapeutic benefit. The conference will bring together an interdisciplinary group of scientists from academia and industry who share a common interest in lysophospholipid biology. We would like to invite you to present your research data, meet your potential collaborators and keep abreast of the latest trend in this research field.

Program Details
The main goals of this conference are to: 1) Discuss novel roles for S1P, LPA, and other lysophospholipids in development, homeostasis, and disease; 2) Define common links in lysophospholipid biology that can foster collaboration and enable the translation of the current research into clinical practice and public health benefits; 3) Identify disease biomarkers that reflect upon the fitness of lysophospholipid signaling and discuss novel therapeutic approaches and clinical trial results.

Conference sessions will present the latest research and foster discussion on the following topics:

  • Biochemistry and cell biology of lysophospholipids and their receptors;
  • Lysophospholipids in immunology and inflammation;
  • Lysophospholipids in neurobiology;
  • Lysophospholipids in cardiovascular biology;
  • Lysophospholipids in diabetes, obesity, and metabolic syndrome;
  • Lysophospholipids in cancer;
  • Lysophospholipids in pathophysiology;
  • Lysophospholipids in drug discovery, diagnostics, and clinical trials;
  • Novel bioactive lysophospholipids and emerging technologies.

The conference features nine oral sessions, with speakers selected from abstracts, and two poster sessions. The program includes “Meet the Expert” sessions to allow students, postdocs, and young investigators to engage with experts in the field on topics ranging from work-life balance to challenges and opportunities in the field.

A Career Development Workshop will cover topics such as networking, scientific writing, alternative career paths, and specific challenges faced by young investigators and women in science.

Keynote Speakers: Susan Schwab, PhD, Associate Professor, New York University School of Medicine, New York City, and Jerold Chun, MD, PhD, Professor, Sanford Burnham Prebys Medical Discovery Institute, La Jolla, CA.

Learn more about the program on the conference webpage:


25–27 September 2023 International Conference on Plant Systems Biology and Biotechnology (ICPSBB 2023)

Plovdiv, Bulgaria

On 25–27 September 2023, the second edition of the INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON PLANT SYSTEMS BIOLOGY AND BIOTECHNOLOGY (ICPSBB 2023) will be held in Plovdiv, Bulgaria, gathering scientists from Bulgaria, Italy, Spain, Belgium, the Netherlands, China, New Zealand, South Africa, Germany, Israel, etc.

ICPSBB 2023 is organized by the Center for Plant Systems Biology and Biotechnology (CPSBB) which is the first Bulgarian Center of Excellence in plant science. It is funded by the European Commission within the PlantaSYST project and under the “Teaming” call of the "Horizon 2020" program, also co-financed by the Bulgarian Operational Programme "Science and Education for Smart Growth".

The conference offers lecture sessions, poster exhibitions and discussion panels covering the following topics:

  • Abiotic and oxidative stress in plants;
  • Bioinformatics and computer modeling;
  • Plant biotechnology;
  • Genetics and genomics;
  • Molecular biology;
  • Plant development;
  • Plant systems biology;
  • Evolutionary biology, etc.

"We are proud of the opportunity to welcome renowned scientists from all over the world to Bulgaria, sharing knowledge and high-quality scientific expertise. The contribution of CPSBB in this exchange is significant, proving Bulgaria's potential to develop and promote scientific excellence", states Prof. Tsanko Gechev, Director of CPSBB and Chairman of the ICPSBB’s Organizing Committee.

The Organizing Committee is pleased extend a warm invitation to the plant science professionals, scientists, industry and academic representatives, biotechnological companies and young researchers to attend and participate in the 2nd INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON PLANT SYSTEMS BIOLOGY AND BIOTECHNOLOGY, 25–27 September 2023, Plovdiv, Bulgaria.

About the event:

Deadline for early-bird reservation:
30 April 2023

Deadline for abstract submissions:
15 June 2023

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