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Geriatric Nutrition

A section of Nutrients (ISSN 2072-6643).

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Nutrition plays a crucial role on health throughout the life span, which can meaningfully contribute to the health status late in life. There is growing scientific and clinical interest in the role of nutritional factors as determinants of the aging process, and as key contributors to longevity and to the prevention and treatment of chronic diseases most frequently observed in old age.

The Section “Geriatric Nutrition” aims to publish high-quality scientific contributions providing novel insights into the impact of nutrition on the aging process, longevity, and on all aspects of the physical, mental, and emotional health, social issues, and wellbeing of human aging. The Section “Geriatric Nutrition” also includes high-quality scientific contributions on in vitro and animal studies investigating the link between nutrition and aging as well as age-associated diseases.

Keywords include, but are not limited to:

geriatrics; nutrition; aging; older adult; elderly; old age; senior; age; longevity; homeostasis; inflammation; oxidative stress; chronic disease; disease; non-communicable disease; life expectancy; life span; healthy aging; health expectancy; frailty; malnutrition; weight; obesity; overweight; metabolic syndrome; cardiometabolic syndrome; body composition; water; hydration; adipose tissue; adipokines; anorexia; wasting disease; appetite; failure to thrive; health promotion; diet; dietary pattern; lifestyle; Mediterranean diet; nutrition epidemiology; functional food; exercise; physical activity; public health nutrition; prevention; epidemiology; public health; cohort; randomized clinical trial; randomized controlled trial; nutrition-related non-communicable disease; COVID-19; skeletal muscle; sarcopenia; fragility fracture; osteoporosis; bone fragility; sarco-osteoporosis; thermoregulation; energy expenditure; mitochondria; thermoregulation; energy balance; genomics; genetics; epigenetics; proteomics; metabolomics; nutrition genomics; longevity genomics; dementia; cognitive decline; Alzheimer’s; depression; psychological aspects; Parkinson; neuropathy; cardiovascular disease; risk factor; myocardial infarction; stroke; peripheral artery disease; atrial fibrillation; hypertension; heart failure; chronic obstructive pulmonary disease; pneumonia; asthma; emphysema; renal function; chronic kidney disease; liver disease; metabolic disease; enteral nutrition; parenteral nutrition; biomarkers; animal models; diabetes; type 2 diabetes; diabesity; non-alcoholic fatty liver disease; dietary treatment; lifestyle intervention; metabolic surgery; fasting; caloric restriction; intermittent fasting

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