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Health Care Sciences

A section of International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health (ISSN 1660-4601).

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This section focuses on publishing and disseminating research and scientific discoveries on the technology, management, operation, and quality of healthcare. The section covers all important aspects of research and development, training, and administration of healthcare systems.

Topics of specific interest in this section include:

1) Medical ethics and health policy. The rapidly evolving fields of medical applications and the development of generative AI require careful evaluation of standards, policies, and ethical issues in the healthcare sector, particularly with reference to the issue of control and policy interpretations.

2) Health economics and healthcare evaluation. Health economics methods are used to assess and compare medical resource planning, allocation, and other topics in health spending, insurance, and coverage. The evaluation of quality, safety, performance, efficiency, and optimization in the health system, including hospitals, medical personnel, and health services, is also included.

3) Applying medical devices and technology. The development of new tools, devices, techniques, and procedures requires careful evaluation, as well as the discussion of regulations, laws, and other management elements of medical technology and clinical applications.

4) Medication management. The usage of medications, including prescription, ordering, dispensing, administering, and monitoring, as well as related subjects such as circumstances involving drug resistance, will also be covered.

5) Management of public health. The prevention and management of major diseases, including cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, mental illness, and developing outbreaks, are important for healthcare. Health status and quality of life, healthcare quality and patient happiness, medical education, health communication, palliative care and end-of-life research, Internet use and decision-making in the healthcare industry, and quality-of-life evaluation are among the trending issues.

6) Health informatics and data science. Using quantitative data science and health informatics methodologies to identify, address, and enhance healthcare management issues. Of special interest are data and information security, 5G applications, telemedicine, artificial intelligence, and big data in the real world.

7) Occupational Health. Applications of medicine in the workplace, methods and techniques for the prevention of occupational risks and health promotion.

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