Plant Genetics, Genomics and Biotechnology

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The section Plant Genomics, Genetics and Biotechnology publishes original research and full-length review articles describing the application of genome technologies, genetics, and biotechnology to all areas of plant science investigations.

We aim for a balance between the uppermost research in quality and the rapid, impartial review and publication of manuscripts falling within the scope of the section.

Examples of areas covered in the Plant Genomics, Genetics and Biotechnology section include: 

  • Analysis of DNA, RNA, and protein sequences and their relationship to phenotype  
  • Comparative and functional genomics 
  • Computational biology, bioinformatics, and biostatistics. 
  • Gene regulation and genomic regulatory analysis 
  • Genome projects; genomic and molecular screening technologies 
  • Genotypes to phenotypes and mechanisms of genetics, including epistasis, dominance, and heterosis, via association studies
  • Epigenetics and epigenomics 
  • Network biology, cell or cellular components and subprocesses 
  • Mutations, mutation methods and applications 
  • Organization, evolution of genes and genomes, phylogenomics, and evolutionary genetics 
  • Proteome and metabolome analysis 
  • Transgenic technologies and improvement of plants for biofuels, biomaterials, food, feed, and industrial and environmental profit 

Proposals for Special Issues are also welcome and should fall within the field of experimental and computational analyses of genes and genomes, reporting on their crucial nature and their applications in plant molecular sciences and biotechnologies.  

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