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Behavioral and Mental Health

A section of International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health (ISSN 1660-4601).

Section Information

The section on behavioral and mental health will focus on public health and the environment, emphasizing innovative research aimed at examining the nature and magnitude of behavioral and mental health issues.

Priority areas of behavioral and mental health concern include, but are not limited to, depression, stress and anxiety, trauma, personality, alcohol and substance use, cognitive and perceptual functions, sexuality, gender, functional status, and quality of life. The overlap of behavioral and mental health issues with general public health issues is of special interest, along with how environmental pollution affects behavioral and neuropsychiatric health. Mental health system management and operations, as well as implementation science, are also relevant foci for this section in terms of how public health is impacted.

The behavioral and mental health section welcomes research related to:

  • Resilience
  • Life stressor management
  • Social support networking and utilization
  • Promotion of effective coping
  • Positive mental health
  • Social determinants of health
  • Social media
  • Mental health parity
  • Mental health economics
  • Development of novel behavioral and mental health therapeutics
  • Virtual reality interventions
  • Behavioral and mental health therapeutic adjuvant interventions
  • Trauma-informed care
  • Behavioral and mental health communications and informatics
  • Behavioral and mental health risk assessment
  • Promotion of behavioral and mental health safety

Overall, this section aims to be a useful source for innovative perspectives, practices, and policies focused on the promotion of behavioral and mental well-being.

Keywords and Focus

  • Prevention and control of mental disorders, psychosomatic illnesses, and physical illnesses driven by behavioral factors.
  • Child and adolescent behavioral and mental health in low- and middle-resource countries.
  • Behavioral and mental health impacts on pregnancy, pregnancy outcomes, and early child development.
  • The effect of nutrition and environmental contaminants on behavioral and mental health.
  • The burden of mental disorders from an environmental perspective.
  • Behavioral and mental health economic evaluation and analyses focused on insurance/payment systems, cost-effectiveness, care expenditures, care efficiency, and care accessibility.
  • Occupational behavior risk assessment, institutional and organizational behavior, prevention and control of burnout, psychoneurotoxicology, workplace behavioral and mental environment monitoring, safety issues, and behavioral and mental health promotion in the workplace.
  • Aspects of behavioral and mental health communication technologies, wireless devices, e- and mobile phone applications, big data analytics, and telebehavioral interventions.
  • Behavioral and mental health on the Internet.
  • Behavioral and mental health devices and procedures.
  • Electronic behavioral and mental health records.
  • Behavioral and mental health planning for urban environments and organizational structuring.
  • Statistical analysis and risk modelling in behavioral and mental health.
  • The impact of poverty, sanitation, hygiene, and food security on behavioral and mental well-being.
  • Perceptions of behavioral and mental health human rights, particularly in relation to population issues in lower- and middle-resource countries.

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