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The study of chemistry and physics of gels is one of the most active fields of materials research that has played a pivotal role in advancing our understanding of the relation between gel structure and properties. The study of chemistry and physics of gels, aided by multidisciplinary cutting-edge research that has provided insight to the molecular structure and function, has led to major advances in the application of gels in many sectors from medicine, health and pharmaceutics to chemicals, food, agriculture, energy, and environment.

The Section “Gel Chemistry and Physics” provides a forum for the rapid publication of original works that significantly advance our current synthesis and properties of gels at the molecular level from both a fundamental and an applied perspective. The section will comprise but not be limited to contributions on synthesis and physiochemical, mechanical, rheological, electromagnetic, biochemical, biological, toxicological, or surface properties of natural, synthetic, hybrid, and composite gels, hierarchical and self-assembled gels, resorbable, degradable, and sustainable gels, injectable or preformed, and self-healing gels. This Section encourages contributions describing novel strategies for the synthesis of gels or novel techniques for the characterization of the molecular and nanoscale structure of gels. This Section accepts contributions on the synthesis, properties, and processing of gels for a specific application in medicine, pharmaceutics, consumer products, chemical industry, agriculture, food, energy, and the environment.


  • synthesis
  • chemistry
  • physics
  • gelation
  • gels
  • molecular structure
  • hierarchical gels
  • self-assembled gels
  • nanoscale
  • biological gels
  • natural gels
  • synthetic gels
  • physical gels
  • composite gels
  • characterization
  • rheological properties
  • mechanical properties
  • electromagnetic properties
  • chemical properties
  • biochemical properties
  • biological properties
  • gel processing and printability

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