Foods of Marine Origin

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This section covers all subjects related to marine foods and aquatic products, a wide scope of: origin, composition, nutritional value, quality, sensory analysis, shelf-life, contaminants, technological aspects, processing, and derivate products.

The enormous quantity of species that live in seas and oceans offers a fantastic diversity that could be used in a great number of applications. Human consumption could be the most interesting one but there are other amazing applications: chemical, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and more.

Phytoplankton and zooplankton are two worlds, containing plenty of species with thousands and thousands of compounds that could be used for human benefit.

Algae are more and more frequently used for many human activities, mainly as food for a lot of useful ingredients, bioactive compounds, and industrial molecules.

Fishes and seafood are the basis of nutrition for much of the world’s population, in addition to the more often consumed species there are many possibilities, including demersal animals, that could be added to our diet.

Special attention should be paid to the use of marine resources as food. All the subjects related to composition, quality, and preservation are of main interest. The technologies applied to food preservation and product development constitute an area of interest in this section.

Research and review papers on all mentioned themes will be very welcomed.


  • Marine species including vegetal and animal species;
  • Phytoplankton;
  • Zooplankton;
  • Algae;
  • Marine foods intake, contaminants, and human health;
  • Nutritional value;
  • Physico-chemical properties;
  • Foods including marine materials;
  • Technological methods applied to marine & aquatic foods;
  • Microbiological quality;
  • Aquatic and marine resources food safety;
  • Marine foods processing;
  • Sensorial properties of marine and aquatic foods;
  • Environmental effects on marine species;
  • Aquaculture species.

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