Nano- and Micro-Technologies in Biosensors

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The "Nano- and Micro-Technologies in Biosensors” Section covers all the aspects of research on miniaturized devices in terms of their use in the detection and assay of biological species. The field deals with the design, fabrication and application of biosensors in environmental analysis, food and biopharmaceutical industries, as well as clinical and health-care technology. The emphasis is on multiplexed and multi-analyte measurement in small samples, especially those involving difficult locations. In this regard, it is expected that many articles describing applications will be centered on the detection of biomarkers and particles such as bacteria and viruses. Sensor structures are anticipated to include those based on nano- and micro-electrochemical, fiber-optic, lab-on-a-chip and piezoelectric technologies. This Section provides a vehicle for the publication of articles which will have a significant impact in the general bioanalytical area and will also attract interest in the wider communities referred to above.

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