Agricultural Economics, Policies and Rural Management

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The Section “Agricultural Economics, Policies, and Rural Management" aims to publish cutting-edge and interdisciplinary research that advances understanding of issues and challenges in the broadly defined areas of agricultural economics, development policies, and rural management. The audience of this Section is global and the Section welcomes articles from a diverse range of theoretical perspectives and methodological approaches that engage with and contribute to sustainable agricultural and/or rural development. The focus is on economic analysis and policies relevant for agricultural and/or rural sectors. Articles addressing contemporary issues dealing with agriculture, development policies, ICT, agribusiness, climate change, sustainable agriculture, productivity and efficiency, poverty and sustainable livelihoods, rural–urban migration, and rural management are especially welcomed. The Section also welcomes critical reviews and syntheses of current state of affairs in agricultural economics, policies, and rural management.


  • agricultural economics and policy
  • productivity and efficiency
  • technological progress in agriculture
  • sustainable agriculture
  • circular economy in agriculture
  • agribusiness and marketing
  • climate change
  • ICT in agriculture
  • rural management
  • poverty and sustainable livelihoods

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