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The Covid-19 pandemic has dramatically exposed the shortcomings of our health and research systems when confronted with an unexpected new challenge. Vaccine development and new therapeutic strategies to fight old, re-emerging, and new infectious diseases represent the focus of this Section of Pathogens, with the ultimate aim to contribute to global health improvement. Human and veterinary vaccine and therapeutic advancements with regard to basic and clinical aspects for bacterial, viral, fungal and parasitic diseases will be considered. Contributions delineating survival and fatal outcomes, and correlates of protection are particularly encouraged. Novel delivery approaches, carrier/adjuvant systems and immunomodulatory therapy are also welcome.

Main topics include (but are not limited to):
Basic immunology and animal models
Vaccine design and technology
Therapy and vaccine delivery, safety and efficacy assessment
Human and veterinary vaccines for bacterial, fungal, viral, parasitic diseases
Immunotherapeutic developments
New approaches to therapy, novel druggable candidates and strategies

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