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Dr. Amgad Droby
Neurological Institute, Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center; Sagol School for Neuroscience, Sackler Medical Faculty, Tel Aviv University, Tel Aviv, Israel
Interests: neuroimaging; neuroplasticity; bio-markers; motor-cognitive reserve; MRI
Department of Anesthesiology, Perioperative and Pain Medicine at the University of Calgary, Calgary, AB, Canada
Interests: brain stimulation; neuroimaging; neurodevelopment; pain; trauma
1. Dipartimento di Scienze Biomediche, Metaboliche e Neuroscienze, Università di Modena e Reggio Emilia, Modena, Italy
2. Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche, Istituto di Neuroscienze, Parma, Italy
Interests: neurophysiology; neurological diseases; stroke rehabilitation; clinical neurology
Dr. Gurpreet Surinder Gandhoke
Department of Neurosurgery, Saint Luke’s Hospital of Kansas City, Kansas City, MO, USA
Interests: spine surgery; CNS infections; pediatric neurosurgery; intracranial endoscopy; cost-effectiveness
Department of Pharmaceutical Biochemistry, Poznan University of Medical Sciences, Poznan, Poland
Interests: brain tumors; glioblastoma; epigenetics; pharmacoepigenetics; biomarkers; Wnt/β-catenin pathway; phytocompounds
Special Issues, Collections and Topics in MDPI journals
Faculty of Rehabilitation, Shijonawate Gakuen University, Osaka, Japan
Interests: neurophysiology; neuroplasticity; electromyography; brain stimulation; neuromodulation; TMS; nerve stimulation; H-reflex
Special Issues, Collections and Topics in MDPI journals
Dr. Anat Horev
Stroke and Interventional Neuroradiology Unit, Soroka University Medical Center, Beer-Sheva, Israel
Interests: cerebral venous system; pseudotumor cerebri; stroke; interventional neuroradiology; cerebral aneurysms
Department of Neurology, Division of Neurochemistry and Neuropathology, Poznan University of Medical Sciences, 49 Przybyszewskiego St., 60-355 Poznan, Poland
Interests: neurological paraneoplastic syndromes; stroke; autoimmune neurological disorders; blood–brain barrier; glial tumors; neurodegeneration
Special Issues, Collections and Topics in MDPI journals
Neurosurgical Oncological Unit, Department of Oncology and Hemato-Oncology, Università Degli Studi di Milano, Milan, Italy
Interests: neurosurgery; neuro-oncology; neurosurgical oncology
Dr. Sophie Duport
Department of Research, Royal Hospital for Neuro-disability, London, UK
Interests: neurobiology; neuroscience; neurodegeneration; electrophysiology; neuropharmacology; neuron; neurological disorders; hippocampus
Neurology Department, Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, 8901 Rockville Pike, Bethesda, MD 20889, USA
Interests: migraines; movement disorders; ethics; toxicology; neurology
Department of Cardiology & Angiology, Otto-von-Guericke University Magdeburg, Leipziger Straße 45, 39120 Magdeburg, Germany
Interests: physical activity; sports medicine; lifestyle factors; personalized prevention
Special Issues, Collections and Topics in MDPI journals
Department of Neurology, University of Chicago, Chicago, IL, USA
Interests: myasthenia gravis; amyotrophic lateral sclerosis; amyloidosis; neuropathy; myopathy
Special Issues, Collections and Topics in MDPI journals
Laboratory of Neuronal Networks Morphology and Systems Biology, Department of Mental and Physical Health and Preventive Medicine, University of Campania “Luigi Vanvitelli”, 80138 Naples, Italy
Interests: neuroanatomy; neurology; neuroscience; neurovascular unit; astrocytes; microglia; neurodegeneration; migraine
Special Issues, Collections and Topics in MDPI journals
Centro de Investigaciones Médico Sanitarias-CIMES, Instituto de Investiga-ción Biomédica de Málaga-IBIMA, University of Málaga, Malaga, Spain
Interests: cognition; cognitive impairment; dementia; Alzheimer; vascular dementia; risk factors; diabetes; neuroimaging; functional MRI; MRI
Dr. Alberto Di Somma
Department of Neurological Surgery, Hospital Clínic de Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain
Interests: brain tumors; endoscopic surgery; minimally invasive surgery; endoscopic endonasal; endoscopic transorbital; skull base surgery; combined endoscopic surgery; multiportal approaches
McGill University, 845 Sherbrooke St W, Montreal, QC H3A 0G4, Canada
Interests: neuroimaging; multimodal brain imaging; neurodegeneration; Parkinson's disease; Alzheimer's disease; brain aging; brain connectivity/networks; brain related transcriptomics; brain mapping; multivariate
Department of Neuroscience, Central Clinical School, Monash University, Melbourne, VIC 3004, Australia
Interests: epilepsy; TBI; pos-traumatic epilepsy tempora lobe epilepsy
Unit of Neurology, IRCCS Istituto delle Scienze Neurologiche di Bologna, Bologna, Italy
Interests: epilepsy surgery; neurophysiology in intensive care unit; status epilepticus
Special Issues, Collections and Topics in MDPI journals
Department of Neurosurgery, University of Pecs, 7624 Pécs, Hungary
Interests: ischemic stroke; subarachnoid hemorrhage; vasospasm; thrombectomy; post-COVID; long COVID
Special Issues, Collections and Topics in MDPI journals
Department of Neurosurgery and Gamma Knife Radiosurgery, I.R.C.C.S. San Raffaele Scientific Institute, Vita-Salute San Raffaele University, Milan, Italy
Interests: neurosurgery; neuroncology; skull base; spine; pain; hydrocephalus; chiari malformation
Special Issues, Collections and Topics in MDPI journals
Dr. Miltiadis Georgiopoulos

Consulant in Spinal Surgery, Swansea Bay University Health Board, Swansea, UK
Interests: spine deformity; spine surgery; minimally invasive spine surgery; spine degenerative; trauma; spine oncology; neurosurgery; cranial surgery
Weill Cornell Medicine Center for Comprehensive Spine Care, New York, NY 10022, USA
Interests: endoscopy; endoscopic fusion; minimally invasive surgery; enhanced recovery after surgery; 3-dimensional navigation; augmented reality; biologic approaches for disc repair/regeneration
Special Issues, Collections and Topics in MDPI journals
1. Neurology Department, Galilee Medical Center, Nahariya 221001, Israel
2. The Azrieli Faculty of Medicine, Bar-Ilan University, Safed 1311502, Israel
Interests: Parkinson and other movement disorders; cerebrovascular disease; ADHD; paraneoplastic and autoimmune of CNS disorders
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