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12 May–12 July 2024 World Summit and Expo on Aerospace and Aeronautical Engineering (WSEAAE-2024)

Prague, Czech Republic

Welcome to the World Summit and Expo on Aerospace and Aeronautical Engineering (WSEAAE-2024) a premier gathering for professionals and enthusiasts in the field of Aerospace and Aeronautical Engineering. Our conference is dedicated to advancing the boundaries of Aerospace and Aeronautical technology.

At the WSEAAE-2024 we bring together leading experts, researchers, engineers, and visionaries to exchange ideas, share cutting-edge research, and collaborate on the future of aviation and space exploration. With a rich history of fostering innovation, our conference has become a hub for the latest developments and breakthroughs in the industry.

Our mission is to provide a platform for in-depth discussions, technical sessions, and networking opportunities that inspire and empower those who share a passion for aerospace and aeronautical engineering. We aim to drive progress in the field and promote the exchange of knowledge that will shape the future of aviation and space travel.

Join us at the WSEAAE-2024 and be a part of this exciting journey. Together, we'll chart the course for a brighter and more innovative future in Aerospace and Aeronautical Engineering. We look forward to your participation and contribution.

9–12 July 2024 33rd Discrete Simulation of Fluid Dynamics (DSFD) Conference

Zürich, Switzerland

The DSFD series of conferences originated in 1986 with the Los Alamos conference organized by Gary D. Doolen. Since then, the DSFD conferences have emerged as the premiere forum for researchers in the field, and many exciting discoveries in lattice models of fluid dynamics have been first announced at DSFD conferences.

Topics emphasized at these meetings include lattice Boltzmann schemes, dissipative particle dynamics, smoothed-​particle hydrodynamics, direct simulation Monte Carlo, molecular dynamics, quantum Monte Carlo methods, multiparticle collision dynamics, and hybrid methods. There will be sessions on advances in both theory and computation, on engineering applications of discrete fluid algorithms, and on fundamental issues in mathematical modeling, numerical analysis, statistical mechanics, kinetic theory, and hydrodynamics and their applications in microscopic, nanoscale, and multiscale physics for emerging technologies. Other topics of interest include theoretical and experimental work on interfacial phenomena, droplets, free-​surface flow, and micro-​ and nanofluidics.

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