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The primary criterion for publication in the ‘Cell Methods’ Section is a robust, reproducible method that will spur scientific progress. Papers presenting a new tool or set of reagents that will be of significant utility and interest to the community will also be considered. Areas of interest for this Section include innovations in sequencing, bioimaging/opto-genetic technologies, genome editing, single-molecule approaches, computational methods, biotechnology, and synthetic biology. Relevant research topics include (but are not limited to) the following:

  • Methods for nucleic acid manipulation, amplification, and sequencing.
  • Methods for protein engineering, expression, and purification.
  • Methods for proteomics.
  • Methods for systems biology.
  • Techniques for the analysis and manipulation of gene expression.
  • Biomolecular structural analysis technologies.
  • Chemical biology techniques.
  • Biophysical methods.
  • Bioimaging and optogenetic technologies.
  • Methods for cell culture and manipulation.
  • Immunological techniques.
  • Computational and bioinformatic methods.

Note: Cells highly encourages all submissions on the development of bioimaging, computational, bioinformatics, and/or artificial intelligence methods that help to study cells. For these studies, at least one application MUST be included in the manuscript to demonstrate how the new method can advance our understanding of cells. A brief summary of the usefulness of the method in Cells MUST be included in the cover letter, prior to submission. Any neglection of this note will lead to rejection, without external review.

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