Carbon Materials and Carbon Allotropes

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The Carbon Materials and Carbon Allotropes section of C is dedicated to the publication of original research and development studies on all fundamental and applied aspects of the synthesis/processing, structure/composition and properties of carbon materials including all forms of graphite, diamond, and all carbon nanostructures including fullerenes, graphene, nanobuds, and nanotubes and their related structures such as ribbons or yarns. Papers on other carbon forms such as glassy carbon, nanofoams, and other less common structures of carbon synthesized or obtained by first-principles calculations or modeling are also welcome. Applications in sensors, electrochemistry, energy storage and conversion, catalysis, electronics, health, biologicics and medicine, the environment and sustainable development, scale-up of industrial processes, and composite materials are also of interest.

Manuscript submissions are encouraged but not limited to the following overarching areas:

• Nanocarbon, Graphene, Nanotube, Fullerene
• Carbon Fibers and Composites
• Cokes, Coals and Carbon Blacks
• Diamonds and Carbides
• Carbonization and Graphitization
• Preparation, Physical Properties, Characterization, Simulation and Modelling
• Electrochemistry and Applications
• Adsorption, Reactivity and Catalysis
• Environmental Applications
• Health, Biological and Medical Applications

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