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The Chemical Processes and Systems section of the Processes journal is the ideal forum for publication of significant high-excellence and high-impact research, as well as reviews. What we mean by ‘Chemical Systems’ and what is expected in terms of content should be, to a certain extent, self-explanatory; nevertheless, it should be clarified that our definition is distinct from pure discipline and capacity-based chemical and chemical engineering papers in the following ways: Complexity might be the key asset. In this sense, papers submitted should embrace, for example, a systems view as given in chemical system engineering, a holistic view as given in process design development, or an interdisciplinary view as given when disciplines meet challenges by sustainability or green chemistry. The nature of the investigations is at best symbiotic and/or disruptive, which means they have the potential to transform science and industry. Both fundamental investigations and industrial showcases are of interest in this section. All manuscripts submitted for publication under this section will undergo the usual high-quality peer review process of the Processes journal and, if accepted, will be published rapidly online. Download Section Flyer

Advanced Equipment and Chemical Environments

  • Smart chemical reactors and separators
  • Smart actuation principles for chemical reaction
  • Bionic reaction principles (e.g., cascades)

Sustainable Processes

  • Sustainable process designs
  • Novel process windows
  • Novel process chemistry concepts
  • Process intensification and process integration
  • Multi-scale/system modelling

Green Chemistry and Engineering

  • Advanced catalysts
  • Green solvents
  • Designer solvents
  • Novel synthesis design concepts

Current and Future Processing Systems

  • Environmental, cost, and social assessment of chemical technology
  • Chain-related process technology (e.g., stages of pharma process development)
  • End-to-end and modular process technology (future factories)

Industrial Transformation

  • New windows of opportunity
  • New resources and products (e.g. biomass)
  • Distributed/mobile manufacturing
  • New supply-chain models

New Opportunities

  • Chemical systems off-earth (space manufacturing)
  • Advanced functional chemical products (e.g., controlled-release fertilizers)
  • Expanding businesses to profit from chemistry (e.g., nutrition)

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