Astrobiology 169 Articles

Origin of Life 247 Articles

Prof. Dr. Doron Lancet  

Animal Science 207 Articles

Prof. Dr. Einar Ringø  

Biochemistry, Biophysics and Computational Biology 217 Articles

Prof. Dr. Ron Elber  
Prof. Dr. Bruce J. Nicholson  

Cell Biology and Tissue Engineering 232 Articles

Epidemiology 354 Articles

Dr. Daniele Focosi  

Diversity and Ecology 122 Articles

Evolutionary Biology 96 Articles

Prof. Dr. Koichiro Tamura  

Genetics and Genomics 164 Articles

Prof. Dr. Lluís Ribas de Pouplana  

Medical Research 1676 Articles

Prof. Dr. Katalin Prokai-Tatrai  

Microbiology 554 Articles

Prof. Dr. Pabulo H. Rampelotto  

Paleontology 23 Articles

Pharmaceutical Science 447 Articles

Physiology and Pathology 1182 Articles

Prof. Dr. Nicola Smania  

Plant Science 490 Articles

Prof. Dr. Kousuke Hanada  

Proteins and Proteomics 138 Articles

Prof. Dr. Stefano Gianni  

Radiobiology and Nuclear Medicine 255 Articles

Reproductive and Developmental Biology 125 Articles

Synthetic Biology and Systems Biology 79 Articles

Prof. Pasquale Stano  

Life Sciences 6 Articles

General 463 Articles

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