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The Economic Value of Natural Resources and Its Implications for Pakistan’s Economic Growth
An Event Study of the Ethereum Transition to Proof-of-Stake
Non-Performing Loans as a Driver of Banking Distress: A Systematic Literature Review
Environmental Effects of Commodity Trade vs. Service Trade in Developing Countries
Price Dynamics and Integration in India’s Staple Food Commodities—Evidence from Wholesale and Retail Rice and Wheat Markets
Trading Behavior in Agricultural Commodity Futures around the 52-Week High
‘Safe Assets’ during COVID-19: A Portfolio Management Perspective
Climate Change and Grain Price Volatility: Empirical Evidence for Corn and Wheat 1971–2019
Exploring Dependence Relationships between Bitcoin and Commodity Returns: An Assessment Using the Gerber Cross-Correlation
Evaluating the Economic and Environmental Repercussions of the Price Paradox in Natural Resource Commodities: Market Drivers and Potential Challenges for Sustainable Development
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