Construction Management, and Computers & Digitization

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The objective of the Section “Construction Management, and Computers and Digitization” is to stimulate the discussion needed to advance the construction industry. We are currently living in the middle of an inflection point where computers and artificial intelligence are starting to replace what is known as knowledge economy jobs. This new reality will have a huge impact on our jobs and on how we manage the design, construction, and operations of our buildings and infrastructure systems. This Section welcomes papers that enable the transformation of the construction industry focusing on the development and validation of novel management tools and processes, innovative materials, equipment and robotics, and advanced computing hardware and software in support of the whole lifecycle of sustainable buildings and infrastructure systems from its design to construction and operations.


  • Facilities management
  • Design management
  • Construction/project management
  • Conflict/risk management
  • Cost/quality control
  • Leadership and teamwork in construction
  • Sensors, smart structures, and intelligent control
  • Machine learning and deep learning
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Neural networks
  • Information systems
  • Automated technologies
  • Virtual reality and visualization technologies
  • Mathematical modeling
  • Database management
  • Software engineering
  • Robotics in construction
  • Digital towns and smart cities
  • BIM
  • Digital twins
  • Computer graphics, imaging, and vision
  • Advanced buildings and infrastructure systems
  • Sustainable construction

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