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Department of Public Health and Infectious Diseases, "Sapienza" University, 00185 Rome, Italy
Department of Public Health and Infectious Diseases, "Sapienza" University, 00185 Rome, Italy
Prof. Andrea Carolina Entrocassi
Cátedra de Microbiología Clínica, Facultad de Farmacia y Bioquímica, Universidad de Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires C1113 AAD, Argentina

High-Throughput Analyses as a Multi-Faceted Approach for Characterizing the Human Microbiota

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30 October 2023
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Dear Colleagues,

The advent of high-throughput technologies has significantly contributed to expanding our knowledge on the composition of the resident microbiota of different human niches, including the gut, skin, and genital tract, in health as well as disease conditions. In this regard, in recent years, the microbiota has been involved in several pathologies, such as bacterial as well as viral infections (e.g., Chlamydia trachomatis and/or HPV in the female genital tract) or chronic inflammatory conditions (e.g., diabetes, obesity, chronic atrophic gastritis or non-atrophic pangastritis). The growing body of data provided by the different approaches for microbiota investigation, such as DNA sequences from next-generation sequencing techniques, can be analyzed via several powerful computational methods to provide a comprehensive description of the bacterial composition as well as a functional characterization via the prediction of metabolic pathways. In the present topic collection, we welcome innovative articles on the interrelationship between the different microbial communities and the pathophysiology of human diseases. We are interested in full-length manuscripts based on original research, systematic reviews and/or meta-analyses, and methodological advances.

Dr. Simone Filardo
Dr. Rosa Sessa
Prof. Andrea Carolina Entrocassi
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  • human microbiota
  • high throughput techniques
  • computational analysis
  • chronic diseases
  • infectious diseases

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Journal Name Impact Factor CiteScore Launched Year First Decision (median) APC
Gastroenterology Insights
2.9 2.7 2009 17.2 Days CHF 1600 Submit
Infectious Disease Reports
3.2 3.2 2009 22.6 Days CHF 1400 Submit
3.2 2.7 2011 16.9 Days CHF 2600 Submit
Microbiology Research
1.5 1.3 2010 16.6 Days CHF 1400 Submit
4.5 6.4 2013 14.5 Days CHF 2700 Submit

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