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inistry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs Key Laboratory of Pest Monitoring and Green Management, College of Plant Protection, China Agricultural University, Beijing 100193, China
College of Plant Protection, Northwest A&F University, Xianyang 712100, China

Recent Advances in Agricultural-Associated Viruses

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1 December 2023
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29 February 2024
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Dear Colleagues,

Agricultural-associated viruses include viruses that rely on plants, fungi, oomycetes, protozoa, bacteria, nemotodes, and insect vectors of host diseases, which play critical ecological roles in agricultural and environmental ecosystems and are associated with food security, environmental safety, and sustainable development in a globalizing world. This Topic welcomes a wide variety of articles regarding emerging and re-emerging viruses in agricultural and environmental ecosystems, the development of routine and molecular detection tools for viruses, mechanisms of vector transmission, host–virus interactions regarding genetic, molecular, biochemistry, and biophysic aspects, the molecular mechanism of antiviral innate immunity, strategies for the generation of virus-resistant crops using routine and latest plant genome editing techniques, ecological roles and potential applications of persistent viruses in plants, fungi, oomycetes, bacteria, nemotodes, and vectors of host diseases, epidemiology, the risk assessment and integrated management of viruses and their caused diseases, and the viral modification of host functions affecting interactions with vectors and other organisms.

Prof. Dr. Cheng-Gui Han
Prof. Dr. Liying Sun
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  • plant viruses
  • mycoviruses
  • bacteriophages
  • vector-borne viruses
  • nematode viruses
  • host–pathogen interactions

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5.168 2.8 2012 16.1 Days 2200 CHF Submit
Journal of Fungi
5.724 4.1 2015 16.2 Days 2200 CHF Submit
4.531 3.5 2012 15.9 Days 2200 CHF Submit
5.818 6.6 2009 15.6 Days 2600 CHF Submit

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