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Dr. Yi-Shuai Ren
School of Public Administration, Hunan University, Hunan 410082, China
Dr. Yong Jiang
School of Finance, Nanjing Audit University, Nanjing 211815, China

Modelling and Management of Environment, Energy and Resources: Methods, Applications, and Challenges

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1 September 2025
Manuscript submission deadline
31 December 2025
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Dear Colleagues,

Climate change has emerged as one of the main challenges of our generation. Tragic events, such as geopolitical conflicts including COVID-19, the Russia–Ukraine war or geopolitical tensions such as those in the Asia-Pacific region, not only pose significant threats to world peace and the global economy, but they also generate considerable uncertainty regarding efforts to combat climate change and ensure effective global environmental management. Soil and groundwater supplies have been contaminated, posing a grave threat to the survival of wild creatures and human health, and the ecological environment's worth has also diminished. We require scientific data to comprehend the effects on the global environmental, energy, and resource management and efforts to combat climate change. This Special Issue is devoted to researching the intriguing subject of statistical methods, econometric methods, qualitative methods, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and blockchain applications for diverse environmental, energy, and resource issues. Here, we investigate the convergence of cutting-edge technology with environmental, energy, and resource issues to address critical problems and produce novel solutions that can be implemented practically in decision making and management. This Special Issue, titled “Management of Environment, Energy and Resources: Methods, Applications and Challenges”, is a timely addition to this area of research.

This Special Issue's objectives include the modelling and management of the environment, energy and resources, as well as solutions available to policymakers for addressing environmental challenges. This SI covers topics including but not limited to the following:

  • Environmental monitoring and assessment;
  • Air quality and pollution control;
  • Climate change modelling and prediction;
  • Blockchain and sustainable development;
  • Environmental risk assessment and mitigation;
  • Urban planning and smart cities;
  • Natural resource management;
  • Land use and land cover change analysis;
  • Environmental impact assessment;
  • Environmental policy and decision support systems;
  • Social and behavioral aspects of environmental management;
  • Carbon emission and energy transition;
  • Sustainable development of economies;
  • ESG and corporate performance;
  • Climate policy and sustainable development;
  • Energy market and sovereign debt risk;
  • Environmental governance and sovereign debt risk;
  • Energy market and financial risks;
  • Carbon market risk and energy price shocks;
  • Economic policy uncertainty and energy and carbon management.

Dr. Yi-Shuai Ren
Dr. Yong Jiang
Topic Editors


  • environmental monitoring and assessment
  • blockchain and sustainable development
  • carbon emission and energy transition
  • resource and environmental management

  • energy-economic-climate policy system modeling and applications
  • blockchain and digital governance
  • digital currency and risk management

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