Climate Adaptation and Mitigation

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The levels of atmospheric greenhouse gases have risen almost continuously for decades, and the consequent climate change impacts are becoming increasingly apparent in all sectors. There has been a corresponding intensification in the search for political, economic, technological, and nature-based solutions for greenhouse gas mitigation. Likewise, climate effects have led to wider observations of autonomous adaptation, as well as discussion and implementation of anticipatory and planned adaptation. Indeed, many efforts pursue joint mitigation and adaptation activities, although these can sometimes be mutually exclusive. Even as researchers, professionals, and practitioners in all sectors grapple with the complexity and risk of adaptation and mitigation, there is a compelling need to further invest effort into sharing the outcomes of our actions so that we can accelerate the learning cycle.


The aim of Adaptation and Mitigation is to provide a forum for sharing and discussing achievements in the fields of adaptation and mitigation covering the full continuum of research, programs, and actions. Given the increasing pace of climate change, it is critical to rapidly share best management practices and technologies, but also to research their effectiveness, outcomes, and underlying biophysical and human interactions. Adaptation and Mitigation aims to reflect activities and research taking place in all sectors and across all scales.


  • Anticipatory, autonomous, and planned adaptation
  • Maladaptation
  • Adaptation measures and metrics
  • Impact and vulnerability assessments
  • Resilience and adaptive capacity
  • Risk and risk management
  • Institutional capacity and change management
  • Decision support
  • Climate communication
  • Fossil fuel substitution
  • Energy conservation
  • Carbon sequestration
  • Emissions avoidance
  • Natural climate solutions
  • Adaptation and mitigation pathways
  • Case studies and demonstration projects

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