Catalysis in Organic and Polymer Chemistry

A section of Catalysts (ISSN 2073-4344).

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The “Catalysis in Organic and Polymer Chemistry” section of the journal Catalysts publishes original and high-quality research communications, articles, and review articles on the related topics of organic and polymer synthesis using catalysts (metal catalysts, organocatalysts). The fields to be covered are widely in homogeneous and heterogeneous catalysis, organic, organometallic, inorganic and bioinorganic chemistry.

The section covers contributions in the following subjects but without being limited stricitly to them:

(i) Catalytic organic transformations or new synthetic starategies for synthesis of fine chemicals

(such as by hydrogenation, reduction, oxidation, carbonylation, oligomerizaiton, polymerization, coupling reaction, C–C and C–X bond formation, asymmetric synthesis, organic transformation through C–X bond activation, etc.);

(ii) Catalytic organic transformations or new synthetic starategies for polymer synthesis (by condensation, addition (such as radical, anionic, etc.), ring-opening, metathesis, coordination/insertion polymerization, etc.);

(iii) Green and sustainable catalytic reactions and/or process including new reaction media, enriched atom utilization;

(iv) Precision polymerization designed by new catalysts or efficient methods;

(v) Basics in synthesis, reaction chemistry of new transtion metal complexes directed not only for efficient organic transformations, but also for olefin polymerization (polymer synthesis);

(vi) Mechanistic studies in molecular level (kinetics, spectroscopic, computational, reaction chemistry, etc.).

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