Plant-Derived Antibiotics

A section of Antibiotics (ISSN 2079-6382).

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The Plant-Derived Antibiotics Section of the journal Antibiotics publishes original research and review articles reporting on antimicrobial effects of phytochemicals. The purpose of this Section is to address the need for new and complementary antimicrobials from plant sources. In particular, but not exclusively, the Section invites contributions reporting on:

  • The isolation, structure elucidation, and antimicrobial (antibacterial, antifungal, antiparasitic) characterization of phytochemicals.
  • Synergistic effects of phytochemical components, either combination of components, or enhancement of the activities of known antibiotics.
  • Structure–activity relationships of antimicrobial phytochemicals.
  • Antimicrobial effects of characterized essential oils.
  • Application and practical use of antimicrobial phytochemicals in stored products, foods, or medicinal preparation (in vitro or in vivo).
  • Ethnobotanical studies of anti-infectious herbal medicines with clear relation to the chemical composition of the material.

Manuscripts reporting on the screening of crude plant extracts will not normally be considered for publication in this Section. Manuscripts dealing with zone-of-inhibition assays will not normally be considered for publication; biological activities should be further quantified by MIC, IC50, or other statistical determinations.

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