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Dr. Jay A. Berzofsky
Chief, Vaccine Branch, Center for Cancers Research, National Cancer Insitute, Building 10, Room 6B-04, 10 Center Drive (MSC#1578), Bethesda, MD 20892, USA
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Mucosal Immunity to Infectious Diseases

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30 September 2023
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Dear Colleagues,

Mucosal immunity plays an important role in host defense against diverse infectious diseases. Composed of anatomically remote compartments, the mucosal immune system constitutes the first line of defense against various pathogens. Mucosal immunity, which includes innate and adaptive immunity, is mainly induced in the mucosal-associated lymphoid tissues. By inducing effective mucosal immunity, infections can be prevented or aborted at the port of entry before the pathogens disseminate systemically. Moreover, mucosal immunity has the advantage of eliminating small/residual niduses locally. Studying the induction of mucosal immunity can help us to understand the mechanisms involved in controlling pathogens that are transmitted through the mucosa. In addition, this information will facilitate the of design vaccines and treatments against infectious diseases. This Topic aims to publish papers on the induction and application of mucosal immunity. Thus, we invite you to submit your recent findings to this Topic in the form of original research or review articles and communications focusing on the induction and application of mucosal immunity against infectious diseases.

Dr. Jay A. Berzofsky
Dr. Yongjun Sui
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  • mucosal immunity
  • infectious diseases
  • viruses
  • bacterial
  • parasite
  • fungi
  • innate immunity
  • adaptive immunity
  • vaccine
  • therapy

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