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1. Interuniversity Consortium of Structural and Systems Biology (INBB), 00136 Rome, Italy
2. MeRiS—Mediterraneo Ricerca e Sviluppo APS, 92026 Favara, Italy
MeRiS—Mediterraneo Ricerca e Sviluppo APS, 92026 Favara, Italy

Anthropic Impacts in Marine Coastal Waters: Assessment, Case Studies and Solutions

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30 September 2024
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30 December 2024
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Dear Colleagues,

Chemical pollutants, heavy metals, and macro- and microplastics are continuously discharged from the mainland into the sea and are bio-accumulated and bio-magnified by marine organisms, with negative consequences on the whole trophic web, at all ecosystem levels. Manmade underwater noises create disturbance to intraspecific communications, from fish to cetaceans, even producing malformations in invertebrate larvae, while both commercial and recreational maritime traffic represent a danger for collisions with cetaceans. Fishing activities interact at multiple levels, modifying the trophic chain and the flows of biomass (and energy) across the ecosystem, altering habitats and benthic communities. Finally, poorly managed large-scale mariculture can damage coastal wetlands and nearshore ecosystems.

In recent years, the evaluation and monitoring of all these anthropogenic impacts on the coastal environment have been the subject of in-depth studies. Now the most pressing needs concern the development of conservation measures, proposed and carried out at a regional level, as expression of broader plans involving not only researchers but also government and non-government organizations, industry, and local communities. In short words, effective marine conservation requires collaboration and a multidisciplinary approach.

This Topic aims to highlight the recent knowledge on the impact of human activities on marine fauna and coastal environments as well as on habitat management and environmental conservation plans. The Topic Editors kindly invite you to submit a manuscript focused on any of the above topics. Assessment of pollution levels and impact on marine organisms and their habitats, possible solutions, and management measures, are welcome as case studies (original papers) or reviews.

Prof. Dr. Alberta Mandich
Dr. Jessica Alessi
Topic Editors



  • coastal environment
  • marine fauna
  • anthropic impacts
  • chemical pollution
  • marine litter
  • noise pollution
  • fisheries
  • mariculture
  • impact assessment
  • habitat conservation

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