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7–9 October 2024 Non-coding RNA World 2024: Exploring Mechanisms, Designing Medicines

Basel, Switzerland

We are delighted to announce that the conference Non-coding RNA World 2024: Exploring Mechanisms, Designing Medicines will be held in Basel, Switzerland, on 07–09 October 2024.

Following our successful conference ncRNA2021, we now propose meeting you in the beautiful city of Basel, Switzerland.

The field of RNA continues on its meteoric ascent, with non-coding RNAs in the vanguard. The field continues to grow, with new transcripts discovered wherever one looks in molecular biology, physiology, disease, and across the tree of life. The sequencing of many thousands of species’ genomes will further drive evolutionary and informatic efforts to map, catalog, and model ncRNAs.

ncRNA2024 will bring together the international ncRNA community to share and explore the latest advances in our field. The conference will cover a broad range of topics, from basic biology to medical and technological applications. The sessions will take molecular biology through the topics of disease mechanisms, therapies, technologies, and bioinformatic approaches. Each session will be anchored by leading international speakers.

We are also committed to showcasing the work of early-stage researchers, and the majority of the oral presentations will be selected from submitted abstracts. Crucially, the program will provide plenty of opportunities to casually network and mingle with fellow researchers, academics, and professionals in the sphere.

Submit your abstract here!

Register for the conference here!

We look forward to welcoming you to Basel in October 2024.

Ana Eulalio and Rory Johnson
ncRNA2024 Chairs

27–29 November 2024 The 2nd International Electronic Conference on Vaccines

Central European Time, Online

We cordially invite you to attend this event organized by MDPI’s Vaccines (ISSN: 2076-393X, Impact Factor: 7.8). It will take place virtually on 27–29 November 2024 online.

Conference Chair
Professor Sara Louise Cosby

School of Medicine, Dentistry and Biomedical Sciences, Queen's University Belfast, UK
Virology, Veterinary Sciences Division, Agri-Food and Biosciences Institute, UK

The Topics of Interest
Cancer vaccines, immunotherapy, and immunoprevention;
Challenges of developing a dengue vaccine;
Vaccine adjuvants;
mRNA vaccines;
Advancement in vaccine design for broad protection;
Novel assays for evaluating responses to vaccination.

Important Dates
Deadline for abstract submission: 16th August 2024.
Notification of acceptance: 10th September 2024.
Registration deadline: 24th November 2024.

Guide for Authors
To submit your abstract, please click on the following link:
To register for the event, please click on the following link:
For details regarding Abstract Submission, Poster and Slide Submission, and Publication Opportunities, you may refer to the “Instructions for Authors” section:

For any enquiries regarding the event, please contact

We look forward to seeing you at the 2nd International Electronic Conference on Vaccines.

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Upcoming Partner Conferences (2)

21–25 July 2024 Virus Structure and Assembly 2024

Southbridge, MA, USA

The conference will cover topics and methodologies such as in situ structural virology, viral genomics, new antiviral treatments, emerging viruses, and pandemic readiness. It is an ideal forum for academic researchers, postdocs, and graduate students, as well as researchers from governmental agencies and the private sector. The conference will feature discoveries and methodologies with which to study viruses, which are crucial to identifying new pharmacological targets and treatments for viral diseases. 

We also extend an invitation for you to publish related research in this conference-related special issue. You can find more information at the link below:

For more details please visit the link below:

3–6 September 2024 XIX International Parvovirus Workshop

Leuven, Belgium

We look forward to seeing you at the XIXth Parvovirus Workshop, which will take place in Leuven, Belgium, from 3 to 6 September 2024.

An exciting program covering both parvovirology and viral therapeutics is in the making. Social activities will also be plenty as we will be hosting you in a vibrant university town that happens to be the birthplace of Stella Artois.

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