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This section focuses on original and new research work in the area of Artificial Intelligence. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is entering a new era and receiving very high attention from different fields becoming a pervasive tool in many real-world application areas nowadays and it is probably on its way to be a build-in base technology in the digital society. From this perspective, papers submitted should have a strong and clear real life application perspective rather than purely theoretical goals. The scope of the work considered in this section is broad and interdisciplinary with a focus on data-driven and knowledge-based approaches, as well as hybrid techniques to real-world problems. Reports on novel and innovative AI algorithms are of particular interest, as are their in-depth analyses, experiments and evaluation.

Specific subfields covered by this section include AI algorithms and methods, machine learning, deep learning, combinations of data-driven and rule-based methods, natural language processing, ontology engineering, big data text analytics, information extraction, question answering, cognitive robotics, human–computer interaction, agent technology, reasoning, decision making, multimedia and multimodal AI technologies, intelligent robotics, planning and optimization, data analysis, image processing and computer vision.

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