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Environmental Sciences

A section of International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health (ISSN 1660-4601).

Section Information

Environmental science is a transdisciplinary field that integrates knowledge from various scientific disciplines to understand and address complex environmental issues. This field involves the study of biology, chemistry, physics, geology, ecology, engineering, social sciences, geography, mathematics, and statistics with the aim of solving environmental challenges.

Healthy environmental systems not only benefit natural ecosystems but also enhance quality of life and contribute to public health systems that prioritize human well-being. The application and development of environmental engineering techniques and knowledge to solve environmental issues such as pollution and public health issues remains crucial for maintaining the health of environmental systems and preventing and mitigating risks. Accordingly, environmental science approaches are fundamental to maintaining healthy environmental systems and reducing the impact of public health hazards, such as contamination control, treatment, and prevention (e.g., water, air, and soil), for hazard exposure reduction.

This section will focus on environmental studies that investigate, analyze, and predict, with suitable environmental models, how exposure to hazardous materials occurs in various environments. In doing so, we hope that this section will contribute to solving public health challenges by producing valuable analytical insights that engage public health prevention management and workable environmental science and engineering solutions to reduce disease and prevent hazard exposure for human well-being. We encourage authors to contextualize the studies submitted in the introduction, mentioning potential implications for human health, well-being, and quality of life.

Keywords and Focus

  • Environmental pollution
  • Measurement and monitoring of hazardous materials
  • Characterization of the harmful effects of chemicals and materials
  • Environmental processes and remediation
  • Environmental quality and treatment
  • Pollution control processes
  • Environmental modelling and exposure
  • Environmental risk assessment and management: methods and models
  • Environmental engineering techniques
  • Environmental toxicological assessment and public health: biological processes
  • Environmental management, governance, and public health
  • Safer and cleaner technologies for public health: solid, liquid, and gaseous hazardous wastes

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