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I3: Energy Chemistry

A section of Energies (ISSN 1996-1073).

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Energy, as the basic need of human beings, is essential in our daily lives. The conversion between various energy forms involves different chemical reactions. Namely, chemistry is fundamental to energy conversion. Therefore, comprehending the chemistry underlying energy is key to any long-term solution to satisfying our future energy requirements. Energy chemistry covers the basic chemical fundamentals underlying the disciplines of energy. In this Section, we aim to collect original and review papers reporting the latest advances in the broad field of the chemistry of energy harvesting, conversion, and storage including areas, such as photovoltaics, photocatalysis, thermoelectrics, batteries, fuel cells, enhanced oil recovery, biofuels, electrocatalysis, and nuclear energy. Example topic areas within the scope of the Section Energy Chemistry are listed below. This list is neither exhaustive nor exclusive:

Section Information


  • Conversion and storage of electrochemical energy
  • Materials and nanotechnologies related to energy conversion and storage


  • Optimized utilization of fossil energy
  • Capture, storage, and chemical conversion of carbon dioxide


  • Chemistry in nuclear energy
  • Materials under extreme conditions


  • Harvesting, conversion, and storage of solar energy
  • Chemistry in hydrogen energy
  • Chemistry in batteries
  • Chemistry in biomass conversion

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