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Upcoming MDPI Conferences (2)

1–4 August 2024 The 1st International Conference on AI Sensors and The 10th International Symposium on Sensor Science


We are pleased to announce the 1st International Conference on AI Sensors and the 10th International Symposium on Sensor Science, held at the National University of Singapore, Singapore, from 1 to 4 August 2024.

This conference will provide leading scientists working in this field with a platform to share their latest research and engage in exciting discussions.

Conference Chairs
Prof. Chengkuo Lee, National University of Singapore;
Prof. Guangya Zhou, National University of Singapore;
Prof. Po-Liang Liu, National Chung-Hsing University.

The main topics of the conference include:

AIS Symposia
S1: Wearable AI Sensors
S2: Energy Harvesting Technology for Self-Sustained AIoT System
S3: Enabling Technologies for Neuromorphic Computing and Photonics Neural Networks S4: Haptic Technology for Future Metaverse Applications
S5: Advances in Intelligent Sensors and Robots for AI-Enhanced Applications - Industry 5.0, Digital Twin, Smart Homes, Healthcare, and Rehabilitation

I3S Workshops
W1: MEMS, NEMS and Edge Applications
W2: Metamaterials and Nanophotonics
W3: Sensors and IC Sensors Using CMOS MEMS and CMOS Compatible Materials
W4: Si Photonics for Sensing and Edge Computing
W5: Advanced Semiconductors and Heterogeneous Integration for Sensing Systems and Applications in 6G (e.g., compound semiconductors, 2D materials, chiplet, and system-in-package, etc.)
W6: Sensors, Implanted Energy Harvesters and Devices, and In-body IoT Technology for Prosthesis and Electroceuticals
W7: Sensors for Agriculture Applications and Harsh Environment
W8: Biosensors and Chemosensors
W9: Flexible, Stretchable and Wearable Sensors
W10: Self-Powered Sensors and Sensing Systems
W11: IoT Sensors and System Integration
W12: Advances in Sensor Applications
W13: MicroTAS and Lab-on-a-chip
W14: Industry Forum and Commercialization of Sensors and AI-Enabled Service

Important Dates
Deadline for abstract submission: 5 May 2024
Notification of acceptance: 15 May 2024
Early bird registration deadline: 10 June 2024

Guide for Authors
To submit your abstract, please click on the following link: https://sciforum.net/user/submission/create/935.

Registration information is coming soon.
Refer to the “Instructions for Authors” section for details regarding Abstract Submission and Publication Opportunities.

Submit your abstract here!
Register to the conference here!

For any inquiries regarding the event, please contact ais-i3s2024@mdpi.com.

Follow the conversation on Twitter with #AIS-I3S2024.

We look forward to seeing you at the AIS-I3S 2024. 


29–31 May 2024 The 3rd International Electronic Conference on Processes


We cordially invite you to attend this event organized by Processes (ISSN: 2227-9717, Impact Factor: 3.5). It will take place virtually on 29–31 May 2024, Central European Time.

Conference Chairs
Prof. Dr. Giancarlo Cravotto, University of Turin, Italy

The Topics of Interest
S1. Environmental and Green Processes;
S2. Energy Systems;
S3. Food Processes;
S4. Chemical Processes and Systems;
S5. Process Control and Monitoring.

Important Dates
Deadline for Abstract Submission: 29th January 2024
Notification of Acceptance: 28th February 2024
Deadline for Early Bird Registration: 5th March 2024
Deadline for Covering Author Registration: 1st May 2024

Guide for Authors
To submit your abstract, please click on the following link: https://sciforum.net/user/submission/create/936
To register for the event, please click on the following link: https://ecp2024.sciforum.net/#registration
For details regarding Abstract Submission, Poster and Slide Submission, and Publication Opportunities, you may refer to the “Instructions for Authors” section: https://ecp2024.sciforum.net/#instructions

For inquiries regarding submissions and sponsorship opportunities, please feel free to contact ecp2024@mdpi.com.

We look forward to seeing you at the 3rd International Electronic Conference on Processes (ECP 2024).


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Upcoming Partner Conferences (9)

23–26 April 2024 The 37th International Electric Vehicle Symposium and Exhibition (EVS37)

Seoul, Republic of Korea

From April 23 to 26, 2024, the 37th World Electric Vehicle Symposium & Exhibition (EVS 37) will be held at COEX in Seoul. With a tradition spanning 55 years and often referred to as the "Olympics of the Electric Vehicle Industry", it is the most prestigious global event. Over 1,500 electric vehicle experts from around 60 countries will participate (700 domestic / 800 international). Featuring the latest products and technologies in all aspects of electric vehicles, including finished vehicles, batteries, charging, and parts/materials/equipment, the international exhibition will host more than 200 companies and over 600 booths.

This conference aims to bring together global automotive and electric vehicle industry stakeholders, as well as experts, to present and discuss the future direction of mobility. Through a large-scale exhibition, gain insights into current and future trends in the electric vehicle industry and technology.

Key Dates:

  • Notification of abstract acceptance: January 15, 2024
  • Deadline for presenter registration: January 31, 2024
  • Early bird registration: January 31, 2024
  • Exhibition applications: January 31, 2024

For more information about this conference, please visit:


17–20 May 2024 The 10th International Power Electronics and Motion Control Conference-ECCE Asia (IPEMC 2024-ECCE Asia)

Chengdu, China

We are pleased to announce that the 10th International Power Electronics and Motion Control Conference in association with ECCE Asia (IPEMC 2024-ECCE Asia) will be held at Tivoli Chengdu in Cultural Heritage Park, Chengdu, China, from 17 to 20 May 2024.

The IPEMC 2024-ECCE Asia is one of the most important conferences for bringing our members together from around the world to share professional experiences, expand our professional networks, and receive updates on the latest advances in science and technology in the field of power electronics.

This conference will provide a variety of programs including distinguished presentations, networking events, and tours, allowing you to benefit from many fruitful and enriching discussions as well as to initiate collaborations across disciplines for the advancement of your research.

Conference Chairs
Prof. Xiaoqiong He, Southwest Jiaotong University, China;
Prof. Frede Blaabjerg, Aalborg University.

The main topics of the conference include the following:
01 Devices, Packaging, and System Integration;
02 Power Converters and Control;
03 Motor Drives and Motion Control;
04 Power Quality;
05 Electrified Transportation;
06 Renewable Energy and Smart Grids;
07 Wireless Power Transfer;
08 Energy Storage and Management;
09 Reliability, Diagnosis, and Protection;
10 DC Power Systems;
11 Artificial Intelligence Applications in Power Electronics;
12 Emerging Power Electronics and Other Applications.

There are sixteen Tutorials (https://www.ipemc-conf.com/Tutorial/p-0-10.html), and seven Keynote Speeches (https://www.ipemc-conf.com/KeynoteSpeakers.html).

Important Dates
Digest Submission: Nov. 30, 2023
Digest Acceptance: Jan. 19, 2024
Full Paper Submission: Mar. 10, 2024
Conference Dates: May 17–20, 2024

Guide for Authors
Sign up for the conference here: (https://www.ipemc-conf.com/Registration.html)
For any inquiries regarding the event, please contact ipemc@vip.163.com.

We look forward to seeing you at the IPEMC 2024-ECCE Asia.


11–14 June 2024 2024 European Conference on Gas Hydrate (ECGH 2024)

Trieste, Italia

Clathrate hydrates can capture components and store energy. They introduce a wide range of questions, i.e., understanding their roles on Earth and in the genesis of planets, or their utilization in industrial applications with a reduced environmental impact.

This conference is an opportunity to discuss the challenges around these five themes:  fundamentals, flow assurance and flow modeling, natural gas hydrate systems and climate change, hydrate-based and energy-efficient technologies, and hydrates and astrophysics.

We hope that this second European conference will promote new meetings, discussions, and the sharing of ideas to improve our general knowledge and European policies and to introduce and consolidate European cooperation on this topic. For more information about this conference, please visit:


21–23 June 2024 2024 2nd International Conference on Chemical, Energy Science and Environmental Engineering (CESEE 2024)

Rome, Italy

Energy security, environmental degradation, soil as well as water loss, and climate change are the current and future grand challenges of the world. Chemical, energy science, and environmental engineering contribute immensely to these grand challenges and are important to the economic and ecological sustainability of the world. CESEE 2024 is an international forum for the presentation of technological advances and research results in the fields of chemical, energy science, and environmental engineering, which is also going to highlight and discuss topics concerning chemical, energy science, and environmental engineering in a number of formats, such as keynote speeches, invited lectures, and technical sessions.

On behalf of the Organizing Committee, we warmly welcome authors to submit their research papers to CESEE 2024 and share the latest research with other researchers from around the world. For more information concerning the conference, please visit


25–27 June 2024 The International Flow Battery Forum 2024

Glasgow, UK

The International Flow Battery Forum (IFBF®) is the leading event for the flow battery community. On 25–27 June 2024, the IFBF will hold its thirteenth in-person conference in Glasgow, UK. The conference can also be followed online.

Over three days, the IFBF will feature presentations, panel discussions, networking events, a poster session, a conference dinner and a site visit. We will discuss the latest innovations, policy updates and market challenges for the development of the flow battery sector.

More than 300 business leaders, policy makers, developers and researchers from all over the world will share information and forecasts on the thriving role of flow batteries within the energy storage sector.

Agenda and tickets: International Flow Battery Forum 2024, Mon, Jun 24th, 2024 @ 8:30 AM Accelevents


30 June–3 July 2024 IX Symposium on Hydrogen, Fuel Cells and Advanced Batteries

Milazzo, Italy

We are pleased to invite you to attend the IX Symposium on Hydrogen, Fuel Cells and Advanced Batteries, HYCELTEC 2024. The conference will take place from June 30th to July 3rd, 2024, in Milazzo (Messina, Italy), a lovely Sicilian town facing the Aeolian Islands. The venue will be the impressive hilltop Castle of Milazzo. HYCELTEC 2024 will be an interdisciplinary forum for discussion of topics related to fuel cells, hydrogen and batteries, bringing together researchers from academia, technological centers and industry. We would like to thank you in advance for your invaluable contribution to this important conference.

1. Hydrogen
(a) Production
(b) Carriers
(c) Storage and transportation
(d) Integration with renewable source energies
(e) Environmental and social impacts
(f) Other related subjects
2. Fuel Cells
(a) Low and high temperature
(b) Applications
(c) Development of components and materials
(d) Degradation mechanisms
(e) Device integration
(f) Sustainability and recycling
3. Advanced Batteries
(a) Liquid-, fused-, solid-state and polymeric batteries
(b) Redox flow batteries
(c) Supercapacitors
(d) Electrochromic energy storage devices
(e) Sustainability and recycling

Important Date:
Abstract Submission Open: December 15th, 2023
Abstract Submission Deadline: Extended to February 29th, 2024
Abstract Acceptance Notification: March 15th, 2024
Early Registration Deadline: April 8th, 2024
Deadline for payment of accepted abstract: April 30th, 2024

The accepted presentations will be included in the Book of Abstracts only after full payment of the registration fee before this date by the presenting author.


30 June–5 July 2024 37th International Conference on Efficiency, Cost, Optimization, Simulation and Environmental Impact of Energy Systems

Rhodes, Greece

The 37th International Conference on Efficiency, Cost, Optimization, Simulation and Environmental Impact of Energy Systems (ECOS 2024) will be held from 30 June to 5 July, 2024 on the island of Rhodes—the place where one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, the “Colossus of Rhodes”, once stood, which is a statue honouring the Greek Sun-God “′Ηλιος” (“Helios”: the giver of life and source of energy).

The goal of the conference will be to help researchers to exchange knowledge in their fields of specialization, while also enabling them to obtain a clearer view of the “big picture” of the ongoing global effort to combat climate change.

The ECOS 2024 conference will encompass a broad range of theoretical and practical engineering topics, including the following:

Basic and applied thermodynamics, heat and mass transfer and exergy-based methods;
Energy conversion technologies for power production, cogeneration, polygeneration, refrigeration and heat upgrading;
Thermodynamics, heat and mass transfer;
Computational thermo-fluid dynamics (CFD);
Exergy-based analysis: Applications and teaching in academia;
Fuel and chemical conversion processes (incl. combustion, gasification, hydrogen and biofuel production and use);
Refrigeration and heat pumps;
ORC and supercritical CO2 systems;
Hydrogen energy (utilization, storage, production);
Renewable energy utilization, integration and energy storage;
Sustainable energy policy and planning;
Environmental impact of energy systems and energy–water nexus;
Digitalization, AI, smart grids and distributed generation;
Life cycle analysis and life cycle cost analysis;
Socioeconomic analysis of energy systems;
Energy, materials, waste and water: Resources and footprints;
Energy policy and planning;
Climate change and energy conversion.

Conference Event

  • June 30–July 5, 2024


  • Abstract form opens: October 30, 2023
  • Abstract submission deadline: January 8, 2024.
  • Notification of abstract acceptance:  January 15, 2024.

Full paper

  • Full paper submission for review: March 15, 2024
  • Notification of review results:  April 30, 2024.
  • Final paper submission: June 2, 2024


23–27 September 2024 The 41st European Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference and Exhibition (EU PVSEC 2024)

Vienna, Austria

The EU PVSEC is the largest international conference on photovoltaic research, technologies and applications; moreover, a PV industry exhibition is taking place, where those who are specialized in the PV industry present technologies, innovations and new concepts in the upstream PV sector. This event brings together the global PV community to present and discuss the latest developments in photovoltaics, to network and to conduct business. It is a world-renowned science-to-science and science-to-industry platform uniquely focused on the global PV solar sector. The conference’s scientific programme is coordinated by the European Commission Joint Research Centre. The over 40-year-long history and the diverse programme of the EU PVSEC make it a landmark event in the scientific PV sector.

For 2024, we are delighted to welcome you from 23 to 27 September in Vienna, Austria.


25–27 October 2024 2024 IEEE PES 16th Asia-Pacific Power and Energy Engineering Conference (APPEEC 2024)

Nanjing, China

The 2024 IEEE PES 16th Asia-Pacific Power and Energy Engineering Conference (APPEEC 2024) will be held on 25th–27th October 2024 in Nanjing, China, organized by Hohai University and co-sponsored by State Grid Jiangsu Electrical Power Co., LTD and IEEE PES Nanjing Chapter. The conference aims to create a knowledge-sharing platform for researchers and industry professionals to present and discuss contemporary and emerging technologies. The conference will be conducted on-site with face-to-face (F2F) oral and poster presentations. For more information about this conference, please visit:


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