Materials for Chemical Sensing

A section of Chemosensors (ISSN 2227-9040).

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The “Materials for Sensors” section will focus on the development of materials with novel chemical sensing ability, mechanism, and transduction principles. The section seeks to bring an inclusive perspective in the development of materials for chemosensors where the mechanism of signal transduction emerges from the properties of the materials. The section may include approaches for the design, synthesis, characterization, and modeling of materials for sensors. Different classes of materials will be included: inorganic, organic, and hybrid nanomaterials (quantum dots, metallic, and semiconducting nanoparticles, carbon nanomaterials), two-dimensional materials, metal–organic frameworks, supramolecular systems (macrocyclic compounds, cavitand molecules), smart soft materials (stimuli-responsive hydrogels and polymers), molecularly imprinted polymers, and DNA-based sensors.

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