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The “Photocatalysis” section of the journal Catalysts publishes original, novel, and high-impact contributions related to this cross-disciplinary field of photochemistry, photoelectrochemistry, and catalysis, and will attract the interest of chemists, physicists, biochemists, surface and materials scientists, and engineers. Photocatalysts are of great importance since they can be utilized in a large array of research fields, including solar energy conversion, photosensible sensors, wastewater and air treatment, organic as well as inorganic synthesis, and surface science and storage devices. The field of photocatalysis has grown notably, mainly driven by the urgent need for advanced catalytic materials in photoelectrochemical energy-related technologies. Progress in these fields continues to be of primary relevance for the development of highly-efficient and environmentally-benign photochemical and photophysical processes.

The “Photocatalysis” section invites submissions of communications, research papers, and review articles in the following subject areas, but without being limited to them:

  • Mechanisms and kinetics of photocatalytic processes;
  • Photochemical reactions in photoelectrochemical cells, gaseous and liquid phase photocatalytic reactors, and solar energy conversion devices;
  • Solar fuel synthesis, photocatalytic synthesis of organic and inorganic compounds, and photo(electro)catalytic water splitting;
  • Photoelectrochemical conversion (fixation)  of CO2;
  • Photocatalytic air and water treatment involving toxic chemical as well as biological pollutants;
  • Electrode reactions occurring in photoelectrochemical cells;
  • Photocatalytic reactions taking place on particle and electrode surfaces;
  • Development of novel photocatalysts and suitable electron transfer catalysts;
  • Reactor design and engineering for photocatalytic and photoelectrochemical processes;
  • Theoretical simulations of all the above-mentioned processes.

The open access journal Catalysts, in general, and this section on photocatalysts, in particular, offer high-quality peer review followed by a rapid publication decision.

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