7 March 2023
Meet Us at the 19th National Youth Conference on Catalysis, 9–13 April 2023, Nanjing, China

MDPI will be attending the 19th National Youth Conference on Catalysis (19NYCC), hosted by the Catalysis Committee of the Chinese Chemical Society and Nanjing University, which will be held from 9 to 13 April 2023 in Nanjing, China. The conference will be held at the Nanjing International Youth Conference Hotel, 8 Yecheng Road, Jianye District, Nanjing, Jiangsu Province. More than 100 outstanding young scholars in catalysis science and technology and related fields are invited to make conference reports, keynote reports, and invitation reports. A total of 1200 delegates are expected to attend.

The theme of this conference is “Youth Catalysis in the Two-Carbon Era - From Science to Application”. The conference establishes a platform for young catalysis workers in China (under the age of 45) to learn and communicate. It aims to show the latest progress and achievements of young Chinese catalysis workers in basic and applied research in the field of catalysis science as well as technology and discuss the opportunities, challenges, and future development directions faced by the catalysis field. It also aims to further promote the development of catalytic science and technology in China.

The main topics of the conference include the following: catalytic mechanism and theoretical calculation; new catalytic materials; catalytic advanced characterization; heterogeneous catalytic reactions; photo/electrocatalysis; small-molecule catalytic conversion; green catalysis; environmental catalysis; and industrial catalysis.

The following MDPI journals will be represented:

If you are attending this conference, please feel free to start a conversation with us. Our delegates look forward to meeting you in person and answering any questions that you may have. For more information about the conference and our booth, please visit


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