Environmental Biosensors and Biosensing

A section of Biosensors (ISSN 2079-6374).

Section Information

The Environmental Biosensors and Biosensing Section publishes original peer-reviewed papers in the field of biosensors and biosensing technology for environmental-monitoring-related applications. Both original research articles and comprehensive reviews are considered.

Potential topics:

  • Biosensing for ecotoxicology and environmental health;
  • Biosensing in environmental quality monitoring and risk assessment;
  • Lab-on-a-chip devices for environmental monitoring;
  • Microfluidic technology in environmental monitoring or the medical field;
  • Biosensors and biosensing technology in agriculture and food security;
  • Biosensors and biosensing for water, air and soil monitoring;
  • Marine environmental monitoring;
  • Biosensors and biosensing for monitoring and evaluation in the study of global warming and climate change;
  • Biosensors and biosensing for ecological monitoring in ecology;
  • Biosensors as tools in regulatory processes;
  • Biosensing and biosensors for water quality;
  • Biosensing and biosensors for pathogens;
  • Microbial biosensors for environmental monitoring;
  • Biosensors for heavy-metal detection
  • Biosensors for VOCs;
  • Biosensing in aquaculture;
  • Biosensing/biosensors technology in agro-zootechnics;
  • Biosensing/biosensors technology in precision agriculture;
  • Biosensors for surface-water environments;
  • Biosensors for groundwater environments;
  • Effect-oriented bioassay and bioxicity biosensors for environmental monitoring;
  • Biosensors for bioaerosol monitoring.

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