Fungi and Their Metabolites

A section of Antibiotics (ISSN 2079-6382).

Section Information

The Section of Fungi and Their Metabolites publishes original research and review articles that report on fungal physiological properties, pathogenicity, ecology and molecular regulatory mechanisms, as well as fungal metabolites, including their functions and applications. The purpose of this Section is to explore the molecular mechanisms and regulatory networks of fungi, and also to address the need for new and complementary antibiotics, immunomodulators and antimicrobials from fungal sources, and their regulation mechanisms, which mainly include the following contents:

  • Fungal development, physiological and genetical properties and chemical and molecular ecology.
  • Fungal molecular pathogenicity, biocontrol organisms, microbial interactions, plant–microbe interactions and their molecular regulatory network.
  • Fungal secondary products, including mycotoxins, antibiotics, immunomodulators and antimicrobials, etc., as well as their biosynthetic pathways and structure determination.
  • Biological active compounds from fungal sources and their application in agricultural and food processing.

All research and review manuscripts that report on the above aspects will be considered for publication in the Section Fungi and Their Metabolites of the journal Antibiotics.

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