Sections - Agronomy

Crop Breeding and Genetics 1371 Articles

Prof. Dr. Peter Langridge  

Soil and Plant Nutrition 1297 Articles

Dr. Cornelia Rumpel  

Water Use and Irrigation 359 Articles

Prof. Dr. Junliang Fan  

Innovative Cropping Systems 539 Articles

Prof. Dr. Carlo Leifert  

Horticultural and Floricultural Crops 1130 Articles

Prof. Dr. Youssef Rouphael  

Grassland and Pasture Science 316 Articles

Dr. Gianni Bellocchi  

Weed Science and Weed Management 314 Articles

Prof. Dr. Leslie A. Weston  

Farming Sustainability 1135 Articles

Prof. Dr. Priti Krishna  

Agricultural Biosystem and Biological Engineering 619 Articles

Prof. Dr. Pedro Javier Zapata  

Pest and Disease Management 550 Articles

Prof. Dr. Christos Athanassiou  

Precision and Digital Agriculture 513 Articles

Agroecology Innovation: Achieving System Resilience 54 Articles

Plant-Crop Biology and Biochemistry 80 Articles


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