Air Pollution and Health

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The adverse health effects of air pollution can be studied using toxicological and epidemiological research. With toxicological research, one can answer questions such as how harmful it is if a human or an organism is exposed to a substance and what the harmful effects are exactly. This research consists of carrying out tests in a laboratory or in the field. We will consider manuscripts in which in vitro, in vivo, or human clinical studies are presented with a focus on mechanistic research and research that will inform risk assessment and regulatory frameworks. We will also consider manuscripts on epidemiological studies of various types. Air pollution is defined here as all anthropogenic substances, including particulate matter in the air that we breathe, both indoors and outdoors, in the general environment, and in occupational settings.


  • air pollution
  • particulate matter
  • emerging pollutants
  • bioaerosols
  • microplastics
  • nanomaterials
  • gaseous pollutants
  • toxicity
  • health effects
  • toxicological mechanism
  • toxicological methods
  • in vitro
  • in vivo
  • exposure assessment
  • toxicokinetics
  • epidemiological studies
  • clinical trials
  • omics
  • biomarkers

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