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Discoveries in Remote Sensing

A section of Remote Sensing (ISSN 2072-4292).

Section Information

Research demonstrates that businesses are more successful and profitable when they are built on diverse teams, leadership, and boards. Similarly, we see more fruitful science with novel insights and broader societal impacts from diverse teams and authorships that are inclusive of many perspectives. Therefore, ‘Discoveries in Remote Sensing’ aims to actively promote diversity and inclusion in science, and will publish innovative remote sensing applications, methods, technology, theory, discussions, and ethics that promote our common goal.

To achieve this, our Action Plan is to:

  1. Publish articles that make "Discoveries" in all remote sensing themes;
  2. Give preference to articles with diverse perspectives, multidisciplinary approaches, and inclusive authorships;
  3. Give preference to authors from groups who are traditionally under-represented in scientific publishing; 
  4. Target articles that promote transdisciplinary collaborations in support of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and Sendai Framework; 
  5. Publish articles that communicate findings and impact with clear and accessible language; and
  6. Promote articles that expand the frontiers of existing techniques with reproducible and replicable methodologies.

To celebrate the launch of this section and to ensure global impact, we uniquely offer a 'Get one, Give one' approach. For each full paid manuscript in this section (not special issues), we will give one full article processing charge waiver to amplify the voice of another author in an under-represented or under-funded group.

We encourage authors to recommend other teams to whom they would like to 'give' a waiver. If you do not have any recommendations, the Editorial Office and Editorial Board will invite/select fee-waived papers. In this way, those who publish their research in this section are doubling their impact, by inviting and helping other researchers, and increasing accessibility in the field.

We invite special issues from Guest Editors who would like to join us as active allies in making the field of remote sensing more inclusive. 

To get involved with our ‘get one, give one’ offer, please email 

  • 'Get one, Give one' fee waiver quota in total: 30 - application deadline: 30 June 2021
  • 'Get one' paper submission deadline: 31 August 2021 
  • 'Give one' paper submission deadline: 31 December 2021

Additional benefits

  • Editorial assistance / English proofreading scholarships;
  • Online masterclasses with our Editorial Board to help you communicate your research more effectively;
  • Online masterclasses with our Editorial Board to help you review and respond to reviewers’ comments constructively, and with impact; and
  • A three-week article review period that strikes a balance between allowing you to rapidly publish your research, and allowing reviewers sufficient time to provide thoughtful feedback.
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