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Italian Society of Odontostomatological Surgery (SIDCO)

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The Italian Society of Oral Surgery (SIDCO) is an incorporated society that promotes oral surgery science in ITALY and provides professional contact within the community of university teachers and researchers in the oral surgery sciences. SIDCO promotes research and protocols for oral surgery pathology related to prosthodontics rehabilitation through dental implant surgery. 

The society can be broadly described as:

  • A group of individuals who are deeply interested in the oral surgery new developments, research and protocols.
  • Providing a forum for sharing knowledge so that the membership can build both the depth and breadth of knowledge of oral surgery.
  • Providing mutual support and collective mentorship.
  • Recognizing and rewarding excellence at all levels of scientific career development without fear or favor.
  • Nurturing the next generation of oral surgery practitioners and scientists.
  • Organizing the national conference on oral surgery and other symposia in association with the Collegium of Dental Teachers of Italian Universities and other dental surgery scientific societies, to facilitate the dissemination and the development of new research.

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