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Particle Processes, a section of the journal Processes, is an interdisciplinary and international forum for the publication of high-quality original research, as well as of reviews, related to raw materials, intermediates, end-user products, and ancillary materials in particulate or granular form. The ability of particle systems is stressed to generate valuable properties through the combination of small (often nanoscale) building blocks to much larger functional units. The topics of interest include but are not limited to processes which create, transform, and upgrade particles, as well as processes that use particles and particle-based products in different sectors (chemicals, food, pharmaceuticals, advanced materials). Emphasis is put on sustainability and the green transformation of industry. From a fundamental point of view, advanced characterization techniques are addressed, as well as advanced simulation methods. All manuscripts submitted for publication under this Section will undergo the high-quality peer-review procedure of the journal Processes and, if accepted, will be rapidly published online.  Download Section Flyer


  • Processes creating particles
    • Reactions to particles in gases and flames
    • Reactions to particles in liquids
    • Phase changes to particles
    • Separation of particles from fluids
  • Processes upgrading particles
    • Granulation and agglomeration
    • Bulk, thin, and ultrathin functional coating
    • Grinding and milling
    • Dewatering and drying
  • Processes using particles
    • Adsorption and catalytic reaction
    • Additive manufacturing, 3D printing
    • Biofuels and biomaterials
    • Particles in green production and electrification
  • Characterization of particle systems
    • Structural characterization, especially imaging
    • Structure–property functions
    • Optical and electrochemical properties
    • Release and rehydration
  • Simulation of particle systems
    • Fluidized and agitated particle systems
    • Discrete modeling, including DEM, CFD-DEM
    • Continuous population and transport models
    • Scale transitions

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