14 March 2023
Polymers | Selected Papers in 2021–2022 in the Section “Smart and Functional Polymers” (I)

We are pleased to invite you to read the selected papers from Polymers (ISSN: 2073-4360), from the Section “Smart and Functional Polymers”. The list is as follows:

1. “Development and Evaluation of Sodium Alginate/Carbopol 934P-Co-Poly (Methacrylate) Hydrogels for Localized Drug Delivery”
by Ayesha Mahmood, Asif Mahmood, Mohamed A. Ibrahim, Zahid Hussain, Muhammad Umar Ashraf, Mounir M. Salem-Bekhit and Ibrahim Elbagory
Polymers 2023, 15(2), 311;
Full text available online:

2. “Photo-Responsive Micelles with Controllable and Co-Release of Carbon Monoxide, Formaldehyde and Doxorubicin”
by Bin Zheng, Lulu Yu, Huaze Dong, Jinmiao Zhu, Liang Yang and Xinsong Yuan
Polymers 2022, 14(12), 2416;
Full text available online:

3. “Scalable Manufacture of Curcumin-Loaded Chitosan Nanocomplex for pH-Responsive Delivery by Coordination-Driven Flash Nanocomplexation”
by Ziwei Xia, Zhinan Fu, Li Li, Enguang Ma, Liang Sun, Qinyu Ma and Xuhong Guo
Polymers 2022, 14(11), 2133;
Full text available online:

4. “Bioinspired High-Performance Bilayer, pH-Responsive Hydrogel with Superior Adhesive Property”
by Shulan Jiang and Li Xia
Polymers 2022, 14(20), 4425;
Full text available online:

5. “Recent Advances in Stimuli-Responsive Doxorubicin Delivery Systems for Liver Cancer Therapy”
by Elena Ruxandra Radu, Augustin Semenescu and Stefan Ioan Voicu
Polymers 2022, 14(23), 5249;
Full text available online:

6. “Influence of the Poly(ethylene Glycol) Methyl Ether Methacrylates on the Selected Physicochemical Properties of Thermally Sensitive Polymeric Particles for Controlled Drug Delivery”
by Agnieszka Gola, Maria Kozłowsk and Witold Musiał
Polymers 2022, 14(21), 4729;
Full text available online:

7. “NIPAm-Based Modification of Poly(L-lysine): A pH-Dependent LCST-Type Thermo-Responsive Biodegradable Polymer”
by Aggeliki Stamou, Hermis Iatrou and Constantinos Tsitsilianis
Polymers 2022, 14(4), 802;
Full text available online:

8. “Stimulus-Responsive, Gelatin-Containing Supramolecular Nanofibers as Switchable 3D Microenvironments for Cells”
by Kentaro Hayashi, Mami Matsuda, Masaki Nakahata, Yoshinori Takashima and Motomu Tanaka
Polymers 2022, 14(20), 4407;
Full text available online:

9. “Thermo-Sensitive Poly (N-isopropylacrylamide-co-polyacrylamide) Hydrogel for pH-Responsive Therapeutic Delivery”
by Madhappan Santhamoorthy, Thi Tuong Vy Phan, Vanaraj Ramkumar, Chaitany Jayprakash Raorane, Kokila Thirupathi and Seong-Cheol Kim
Polymers 2022, 14(19), 4128;
Full text available online:

10. “Role of Maleic Anhydride-Grafted Poly(lactic acid) in Improving Shape Memory Properties of Thermoresponsive Poly(ethylene glycol) and Poly(lactic acid) Blends”
by Wasana Nonkrathok, Tatiya Trongsatitkul and Nitinat Suppakarn
Polymers 2022, 14(18), 3923;
Full text available online:

You can check all publications in the Section “Smart and Functional Polymers” at the following link:

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