26–30 June 2023, Paris, France
International Conference on Quantum Engineered Sensing and Information Technology

Materials design for quantum sensing will occur through a combination of atomistic-scale modeling, targeted synthesis, and advanced characterizations. The Periodic Table of Chemical Elements is one of the most significant achievements in science, capturing the essence not only of chemistry, but also of physics, medicine, earth sciences, and biology. While many scientists and engineers are striving for the quest to revolutionize the properties of the elements in the periodic table, many others are focusing on understanding the current observed properties to further developing new and metamaterials, in lower dimensions for advanced quantum applications.

This international conference will open discussions for experimental and theoretical design efforts that will guide a broader community in the selection and design of artificially engineered materials to further probe the wonders of the periodic table. This multidisciplinary conference will share state-of-the-art material synthesis, a broad range of experimental techniques, and advanced computational modeling to probe new classes of multifunctional materials toward quantum sensing and communication. The ability to control and manipulate materials with external optical, electric, strain, and magnetic fields promises to usher in a new era of revolutionary advances in quantum science and technology. Insights from this conference will be coherently integrated to the quantum community and will create new frontiers in quantum sensing and information technology.

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