Inventions and Innovation in Surface Science and Nanotechnology

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The amalgamation of theoretical knowledge, experimental techniques, and surface science instrumentation provides invaluable practical insights for researchers engaged in relevant fields. Moreover, nanotechnology's far-reaching impact is poised to significantly enhance and even revolutionize numerous technology and industry sectors, including information technology, homeland security, medicine, transportation, energy, food safety, and environmental science, among others. As technological breakthroughs in these fields continue to advance, their influence is projected to expand in the near future.

This Section, entitled "Inventions and Innovation in Surface Science and Nanotechnology", is devoted to showcasing cutting-edge research and advancements in the fields of surface science and nanotechnology. The Section welcomes a broad spectrum of topics, including but not limited to, the following: 

  • Surface preparation methods
  • Surface modification
  • Phenomena at interfaces
  • Heterogeneous catalysis
  • Electrochemistry
  • Semiconductors functionalization
  • Vacuum system technology
  • Mechanical fabrication techniques
  • Thermal control
  • UHV windows
  • High area solids
  • Interactions at surfaces of soft matter
  • Low dimensional materials
  • Nanodevices and nanosystems
  • Nanobiotechnology
  • Nanotoxicology
  • Computational approaches in nanotechnology and surface science
  • Analytics and imaging in nanomaterials

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