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Society of Hematologic Oncology Italy (SOHO Italy)

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The Society of Hematologic Oncology Italy (SOHO Italy) is bringing together leading SOHO experts and top international researchers in the fields of acute leukemias, MPDs and MDSs, lymphomas, multiple myeloma and rare diseases, with the aim to consolidate the Italian hematology–SOHO partnership.

The aim of the association is the integration of the clinical and scientific activities of IRST IRCCS and the MD Anderson Cancer Center and the improvement of clinical andtherapeutic approaches to patients with hematologic malignancies. The society SOHO ITALY is represented by the Presidents C. Cerchione, G. Martinelli (IRST IRCCS) and H. Kantarjian (MD Anderson Cancer Center),  and by the other founders and members of the scientific board, including N. Daver, E. Jabbour and M. Konopleva (MD Anderson Cancer Center).

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