Information Sciences

A section of Foundations (ISSN 2673-9321).

Section Information

The scope of the Section Information Sciences is broad and includes theoretical, experimental, and applied areas related to computer science and engineering.  We welcome both regular research papers and survey papers, in the format of state-of-the-art reviews, without imposing any restrictions on the length of the paper.

We also welcome short communications that contain a preliminary presentation of interesting, potentially important ideas. Position papers in breakthrough topics are especially welcome in this Section.

Topics include but are not limited to those listed as keywords below.


  • Algorithms, theory and applications, and algorithm engineering;
  • Graph algorithms, analytics, and visualization;
  • Biomedical informatics;
  • Computer systems;
  • New and emerging internet technologies;
  • Data science and big data;
  • Ai and machine learning;
  • Cybersecurity;
  • Social networks;
  • Mobile computation and communication;
  • Quantum computing;
  • Information intelligence;
  • Information security.

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