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A section of Entropy (ISSN 1099-4300).

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This section of the open access journal, Entropy, publishes review articles on themes of current interest on the basic and applied areas of entropy: physics and engineering; information theory; complex systems; inquiry; computing; chemistry and biology; machine learning and systems theory and economics. The reviews will mainly be by written invitation. However, authors could submit a title and abstract to the Editorial Office with a brief justification of the potential impact of the article. All articles will be subjected to a thorough, yet efficient peer-review process.


  • Classical and quantum thermodynamics
  • Composition
  • Statistical physics
  • Information and quantum geometry
  • Bayesian computation
  • Geometric theory of thermodynamics
  • Information geometry
  • Topology and metrics
  • Maximum entropy principle and inference
  • Entropy for physics
  • Chemistry and biology

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