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28–31 May 2024 XXII Conference on Non-equilibrium Statistical Mechanics and Nonlinear Physics—MEDYFINOL 2024

São Paulo, Brazil

The MEDYFINOL conference series was conceived in 1986 as a means of connecting researchers in various branches of the physics of non-equilibrium and dynamical systems, mainly from Argentina and neighboring countries. It aims to attract more colleagues around the world. After thirty-eight years, we are certain that MEDYFINOL is one of the most important and successful regular meetings in the international community.


11–14 June 2024 Meet Us at the Quantum Information and Probability: From Foundations to Engineering (QIP24) Conference

Växjö, Sweden

QIP24 is an international conference devoted to quantum foundations, especially information and probability, including foundational questions of quantum engineering, at Linnaeus University in Växjö, Sweden. The conference is supported by the Mathemathical Institute at Linnaeus University.

The conference will be based on the talks of invited speakers (30 min + 5 min questions) and contributed talks (20 min + 5 min questions). For contributed talks, the acceptance decision will be made based on the abstract, so please start with registration (without paying the fee) and abstract submission.

For graduate and postgraduate students, a poster-presentation is preferable, because a poster would achieve higher visibility than a talk in one of a few parallel sessions. The journal Entropy supports the awards for the two best posters with CHF 350 and CHF 150, respectively.

The conference is arranged by the International Centre for Mathematical Modelling in physics, engineering and cognitive sciences (ICMM). Quantum information revolution has a large foundational impact. We invite all kinds of contributions devoted to quantum foundations, especially (but not exclusively) with coupling to quantum information, probability, and measurement theory.

For more information about the conference, please visit the following link:


10–12 September 2024 Quantum Technology International Conference—QTech 2024

Berlin, Germany

The growing ability to manipulate quantum systems is paving the way for a second quantum revolution and a number of initiatives worldwide have been formed to foster quantum technologies. These exciting novel applications are exploiting specific quantum properties which are not accessible with classical resources such as superposition and entanglement of individual quantum systems.

The objectives of the QTech conference, which will take place on 10–12 September, 2024 in Berlin, is to present the latest developments of quantum technologies in the domains of quantum communication, computation, simulation, sensors and metrology, both in their implementation using various platforms from atoms and ions to solid states, superconducting circuits and optics, as well as in their conceptual and theoretical foundations.


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