Topic Editors

Dr. Nestor Evmorfopoulos
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Thessaly, 38221 Volos, Greece
Prof. Dr. Alkiviadis Hatzopoulos
School of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Thessaloniki, Greece
Prof. Dr. George I. Stamoulis
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Thessaly, 38221 Volos, Greece

New Development for Circuit Design: Synthesis, Modeling, Simulation, and Applications

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closed (8 April 2024)
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5 October 2024
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Dear Colleagues,

This Topic will present selected extended conference proceedings from “The 2024 edition of the International Conference on Synthesis, Modeling, Analysis and Simulation Methods, and Applications to Circuit Design (SMACD)”, which will be held in Volos, Greece, from 2 to 5 July 2024 ( The 2024 edition of the International Conference on Synthesis, Modeling, Analysis and Simulation Methods, and Applications to Circuit Design (SMACD) is a forum devoted to modeling, simulation, and synthesis for Analog, Mixed-signal, RF (AMS/RF), and multi-domain (nanoelectronics, biological, MEMS, optoelectronics, etc.) integrated circuits and systems, as well as, emerging technologies and applications. Open-source tools and methods for IC design and experiences with modeling, simulation, and synthesis techniques in diverse application areas are also welcomed.

This topic seeks to publish original reviews, original articles or communications. We encourage submissions of manuscripts focusing on, but not limited to, current research, novel concepts, technologies and approaches in basic and advanced aspects of Circuit Design.

  1. CAD and EDA methodologies and tools for AMS systems (CAD/EDA)

Synthesis, Sizing and Optimization

  • Multi-level Synthesis Methods
  • Physical Synthesis Methods
  • High-frequency Circuits and Systems Design
  • Low-Power and Energy-Aware Design
  • Parasitic-Aware Design
  • Variability-aware & Reliability-Aware Design
  • Sizing and Optimization Methods
  • Procedural Design Methods


  • Performance Modeling
  • Power and Electro-thermal Modeling
  • Reliability and Variability Modeling
  • RF/microwave/mm-wave Modeling
  • Model Order Reduction
  • Modeling for Signal Integrity / Power Integrity
  • Electromagnetic Compatibility and Signal Integrity
  • Electromagnetic Theory and Modeling
  • Transmission Line Theory and Modeling
  • Automated Model Generation

Simulation, Verification and Test

  • Behavioral Simulation
  • Numerical and Symbolic Simulation Methods
  • RF Circuit Simulation Methods
  • Multilevel Simulation Techniques
  • Analysis of Variability Effects
  • Simulation for Signal Integrity/Power Integrity
  • Formal and Functional Verification
  • Functional Safety
  • Test and Design-for-Test Techniques
  1. Emerging technologies and applications (ETA)

CAD for/using Emerging Technologies

  • CAD for Bio-Electronic Devices, Bio-Sensors
  • CAD for Multi-Domain Devices and Circuits
  • CAD for Nanophotonics and Optical Devices / Interconnects
  • CAD using AI and ML Algorithms
  • CAD using Cloud Computing
  • AMS CAS Soft and Hard IP Blocks Generating Methodologies

Emerging Devices and Paradigms

  • Emerging Device Modeling (Steep-Slope, TFET, NCFET, PTM, Memristor)
  • Design Strategies using Emerging Devices
  • Emerging Devices in Security
  • Devices, Hardware and Methods for Bio-Inspired and Neuromorphic Computing

Hardware Security

  • Hardware Security primitives (PUFs, RNGs, ...)
  • Attacks and Countermeasures
  • Anticounterfeiting
  • Methods, Architectures and Tools for Secure Design
  1. AMS ICs and multi-domain design applications (DES)

Design Applications

  • Internet of Everything
  • Automotive Systems
  • Biomedical and Bio-inspired CAS
  • Low-Power Low Voltage CAS
  • Sensors and Sensing Systems
  • Security Systems
  • Aerospace Systems
  • Renewable Energy Systems

Dr. Nestor Evmorfopoulos
Prof. Dr. Alkiviadis Hatzopoulos
Prof. Dr. George I. Stamoulis
Topic Editors


  • integrated circuits
  • mixed-signal
  • RF
  • nanoelectronics
  • biological
  • MEMS
  • optoelectronics

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